The Scenic Art Builders Association

join in and get plastered , UK based Association

SABA Updates....



There is a "How to instructions" appearing on the member area, the 1st one is how to get a forum picture and a profile,I hope this helps all of you.


Material Data sheets are avaliable in the members area 


The UK Community Mold Project

is coming very soon...


Please support us by posting in the forum.

The Scenic Art Builders Association

About Us



We are a non-profit organization that is not affiliated with or endorsed by Hirst Arts. All money raised is for club funding only, and all of our committee members are on a volunteer basis only. Our aim is to provide a club that will offer Hirst Arts enthusiasts a place to meet for discussions and hobby purposes. Also for the club to be a friendly and welcoming place for its members and guests to pursue their hobby and gaming interests individually or, as part of an event, in the way of a community. Where possible we want to help and assist with hobby techniques, hints and tips in order to assist members in their development of hobby skills. We will ensure that the club is a safe and pleasant place to visit, which will to cater for all types of Hirst Arts enthusiasts whenever possible. We aim to encourage the making of quality terrain features for gaming, display pieces, and unique Hirst Arts constructions. We are open to any suggestions for improvement, and above all, will endeavour to give a good level of all-round service.









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