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Welcome to my corner of the web.  I am a freelance writer and book reviewer. I am also a social media consultant who works with small business owners to build their presence on various social media platforms.

Authors and Reviews

Book  Reviews: I enjoy books that fit into the paranormal genre such as, vampires, shapeshifters and magic.  I am an active book reviewer and have reviews of the books I have read on  B&, Amazon and Good Reads. If you have a book that you would like reviewed that fits into the above genre preferences please contact me at;

 A few of my favorite authors, TJ Michaels, Melissa Schroeder, Laurell Hamilton and Kate Douglas. While these authors may write in a similar genre the books they produce are page turners that are book burners (HOT STUFF). You can find links to the above authors on this page. Another great site is Good Reads,  you can find books and friends and what they may be reading and recommending.

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Check out Big Girl On A Budget- a blog showcasing plus size fashions and more.

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