GWRRA Chapter NC-L2 "Lake Norman Wings"

Lake Norman Wings

                 GoldWing Road Riders Association


           ** This site is currently not being managed **

Please contact Wendy Silverstein @ 954-439-4340 for chapter information.

                                       News Flash!!!

We have a new Chapter Director! 
Please welcome Wendy Silverstein as our CD.
Also welcome John Alzai as our new treasure. 


Wendy is getting her bearings in assuming her new roll as our Chapter Director. She will have a statement posted here soon. (Web Master)


Wendy & Dave Silverstein CD


           Wedding Anniversary Celebration L2 Style!

Mays chapter gathering was one to remember. We had the opportunity to celebrate Dave & Tami Styer’s wedding anniversary L2 style. As with all anniversary celebrations both the bride and the groom must be present and when one of them isn't we find an appropriate stand in.


 Well as luck would have it, Tami was not present so Eric Rogers stood in for her. They make a lovely couple don't they! Congratulations Dave & Tami (or maybe I should say Eric?).

When and where you can find us:

We meet the 2nd Saturday of every month

Eat @ 9:00 AM and Meet @ 10:00 AM

 Golden Corral

120 Gallery Dr.

Mooresville, NC 28117


New Page just added!

Want to stay up to date in the world of safety? We now have the monthly safety talks from our monthly gatherings available to view from the "Safety First" page! Check it out and tell us what you think.

                  Just another Great Day at the Lake!