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Guns and Grapple has now moved to Blogspot. After several days of thinking about the site's future it was clear that if GAGM wanted to give alot of information and regular updates it needed more space which had run out with We have been up for almost a year and we look forward to many more. The site will still have the sections although the goal now is to provide news and updates as regualary as possible, we are also hoping to have interviews with people in the industry who the fan base hasn't heard from before, and articles about the Tomb Raider Industry. So please update your bookmarks and links. This section will still be able, however it won't be updated anymore.

Please note the "Win or Award", "Awards", "About me" and other pages still apply. If you want an award, just email. You can also use the guest book. However the main focus of GAGM will be on the blogspot page.


Over the past year we have made several friends across many Tomb Raider sites. Although I have tried to email the sites with our links, there may be some who have linked here but I didn't notice. If there is anyone you know or if you own a site with a link to can you please change it to  Thank you!

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