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NEWS - Frenchie is now known as CH Scapman's Elle Negra to Grovelea!

The first French import to gain a title in this country

Here at Grovelea we have owned Giant Schnauzers since 1984, buying our foundation bitch from the Sandridge Giant Schnauzer kennel.  We showed her with some success and started breeding Giants in 1987. We are on the South East Coast and are always happy to help with advice on grooming, care and training. 

The Giant Schnauzer is a lively, robust dog that can be a joy to live with. Life is never dull when you have a Giant around. Although they do not need much exercise as a puppy, the fully-grown Giant Schnauzer is ready for whatever life throws his way. He should have a durable, harsh, weather resistant coat, and of course the characteristic beard and eye brows, which requires regular grooming. He is an excellent family dog that loves children. He is at his happiest when with the ones he loves and will not be happy left for long periods of time, so, if you work full time this breed is not the one for you. Giants need training and guidance when young; this dog will be what you make him.

Betty (above right) at the Giant Schnauzer Club Championship show where she won her 2nd challenge certificate under breed specialist Francis Krall (Jafrak). Betty was also Reserve Best In Show and best opposite sex in show. (photo by Kevin Hughes). Betty went on to complete her Champion title and win a further Challenge Certificate at Crufts 2009.


If you choose a Schnauzer you’ll never want another breed, I don’t know many people with just one! They are addictive!