Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue North East

Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue North East 

Based in Sunderland and Durham

Margaret Gardener heads this organisation

Contact telephone numbers are:

0191 5225896


E Mail greyhound/lurcher rescue




The dogs shown are "long stay", hence they are featured. 

There are other dogs for adoption.

Please send an e-mail (above) if you wish to adopt a dog. 

 Please include your telephone number and location.


Joe: a 6 year old black male

greyhound. Not cat friendly,

I am afraid.  After introduction,

he is fine with other dogs. 

 A lively, lovable dog.




Who says

greyhounds and cats

do not get on?

Often, they are

great friends and

share a lazy life! 

Patsy:  a 6 year old white

 and black female. 

Spayed and vaccinated. 

 Also micro- chipped.  

She will make a lovely pet. 

A bit excitable

at first.

Debbie: a 4 year old fawn

female.  Not yet

cat/dog tested.



Rob: a 2 year old lurcher

(part bearded collie). 

Rob is a "failed working dog".

26" in height. 

Good with children and

other dogs (after


Unlikely to be good with cats.

Good in car and

O.K. in a domestic situation.  Needs


An attractive dog.  Rob has been


Sugar (1) a black female greyhound.

Not a good picture of her, it is

distorted by the photographer being

too close to the subject.  Not cat friendly.

Much more handsome 

than shown: promise!


A home check is required before a greyhound or lurcher can be adopted.

Thank you.

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