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OK here we go, hope you can read this.  This is a petition from Elizabeth Mashburn to the court regarding Drury's estate.  A good lesson here, HAVE A WILL!!  Laws regarding estate have basically been unchanged since the founding of our country.

The files above are a scan of a Drury Mashburn Burke Co. Estate Document.  It is very hard for me to read, but for those of you well versed in reading old-timey handwriting, maybe you can get some useful information from the document.  Lots of names in there.  Over the next couple of days, I will try and translate it for you.  This document is from some research I did at the Raliegh, NC Archives.[1]. james mashburadmin bond.pdf   James Mashburn Administration Bond 1834 bond page 1.pdf  Cover Page for above. Jonah.pdf               Jonah? Administration Bond 1811

I would like to comment on the above files.  On the first one, notice a reference to Patton and Peter Stroud.

On the 3rd, the administration bond of Jonah Mashburn,  I would like to point out James Mashburn's signature. Notice he is literate and spells his name differently.  I would like for all you scholars out there to make some comments on these items. 

WILL OF MATTHEW MASHBURN 1826's Will front page.jpg page.jpg

This was a copy received from the family of Dr. Robert W. Bishop, an early 1970's Mashburn family researcher.  Original copy has not been found to date.

AND NOW, THE TRANSCRIPT, SO YOU CAN READ IT!! of Matthew Mashburn March 26.doc

PROVISION FOR MATTHEW J. MASHBURN FROM THOMAS & LETTA MASHBURN, MACON CO., NC 1880 COURT DOCUMENT'provision.jpg        page 1           page 2                    page 3                    page 4




Mashburn Genealogy

Matthew Mashburn d. 1826 Burke Co., NC  family outline.

Many have contributed to this outline.  I have credited as many as I can recall.  If you contributed info and your name does not appear, please leave a message in my guestbook.  Also, this is always a work in progress, if you see any errors please let me know.

Only those that have gone on before us are listed here.  This outline is intended to help other genalogists to make connections to Matthew and Susannah Mashburn of Burke co., NC.  Please email me at if you have any questions or changes. of Mathew and Susana2.doc

A Precious find!!

A very special thank you to Mrs. Mary Nell Craig Hayes for this precious find!!  She graciously allowed me to have this wonderful page written by my 3rd great grandmother Letty Mashburn sometime after 1855.

Another Precious find!!

A letter from my 2nd great grandfather to his youngest daughter Letty.  Thanks again to Mrs. Hayes!'s letter_001.jpg lettr2.jpg letter 3_001.jpg

The final page with W.P.'s signature--


Old Photo

I wish someone out there could identify these people.  The date on the back looks like 1901.  I believe the girl on the back row far right is Ineda "India" Mashburn, William Powell and Jane Mashburn's youngest daughter.  Her name is written on the back as you can see.  She was described to my Grand Aunt Geneva Mashburn Skaug by her father as "one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen."  She died shortly after this photo was taken in the early 1900's (probably during childbirth) and I have not been able to find any of her descendants.  Written down the right side (turn your head sideways) it says Wilburn or William Cole visits Youngcane, Ga.  Is he a preacher? Politician?  The couple on the front row far right is my 2nd great grandparents, William Powell and Jane Corbin Mashburn.  His hairline is exactly like the picture of Burgess Gaither Mashburn, Ineda's brother and my great grandfather.

Photo courtesy of Nancy Kachurik.  A nice tin type of William Powell and Jane Corbin Mashburn, probably abt. 1870.

Here is the Mashburn family of Youngcane, Ga (near Blairsville) Union Co. around 1909.  Pictured left to right-Omer Corbin Mashburn, dad Burgess Gaither, standing in the back Edgar William Mashburn, my grandfather, Esther and Edith, James Lawrence and Charles Tasker are the little guys.  I know these folks are related to me--They just made do with what they had!!  I can hear my Papa now, "Just stretch a quilt behind us for a backdrop and let the young-'uns hang their feet off the porch!!"  The documented lineage-- Matthew d. 1826--Thomas d. aft 1880--William Powell d. 1918--Burgess Gaither d. 1940.  Note:  7-28-2008--I recently found out that quilt stayed in Aunt Nora's family for a very long time and was just recently discarded!

To see more old Mashburn Photos click here:

I included some pics of all of the old Baptist Churches our family has belonged to over the years.  Our branch has been Baptist for over 150 years!

In the early 1930's, my grandfather Edgar followed 2 of his brothers to Barberton, OH and according to my Dad, had a great job during the depression.  My grandmother became ill and wanted to come home so the family moved back to Athens, Ga.  Just think!  I could have been a YANKEE!!  Nope.  Even if I had been born there I would have still been a rebel! 

B.G.'s Letter From So. Cal

Interesting letter from B.G. (my great g-pa).  Descriptiion of L.A. in 1932 through a Appalachian boy's eyes. Our Texas kin may see a few names mentioned in this letter from B.G. and family's lay over in Cisco, Texas.

Don't forget, more Old Mashburn photos at this site

Most Unusaul Obituary

This was taken from the Athens Banner-Herald, July 22, 1922.  There are several errors in it that leads me to believe that the information was phoned in.  First, the name should have read, Mrs. B.G. Mashburn.  Next Amar should be the name OMER and last, there is no mention of my grand-aunt Nora who was a baby at that time.  But what about the last sentence?  Was it a misprint as well? or a message from Althea to her children?  No one alive has the answer, but one could speculate it was a message to her children not to spread out so far from home.


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