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1-20-2010- WANTING to do some reconstruction!  Keep visiting!

7-27-2008  Deleted "My Profile" page to make room for other pages.  If you'd like to know more about me, visit my company website:

7-27-2008  I am in the process, granted I have the bandwidth available, to add more genealogy to this site.  Here are the families I am interested in studying:  ADAMS-Madison Co., Ga,
ALLEN-Union Co., Ga, AYERS-unknown origin, BLACK-Oglethorpe Co., Ga, CORBIN-Macon Co., NC, DIXON-Jackson, Greene, Hancock Cos., Ga, ENDSLEY, FREEMAN-unknown origins, GLENN-Oglethorpe Co., Ga, GRIFFITH-Greene, Hancock Cos., Ga, KINDALL/KENDALL-Fannin Co., Ga, MARLOW-Union Co., Ga, MASHBURN-Northhampton, Orange, Burke, Macon Cos., NC, Union Co., Ga, McCLURE-Macon Co., NC, MOORE-unknown origin, PARHAM-Union, Fannin Cos., Ga, Buncombe, NC, PAYNE-Union Co., Ga, PETTY-Va., Jackson, Hancock Cos., Ga, SEWARD,
SMITH-Oglethorpe Co., Ga, STRAIN-Macon Co., NCSTROUD-,Northhampton, Orange, Burke Cos., NCWALKER, WILSON-unknown origin, WINDSOR-Greene, Hancock Cos., Ga

Some of you close family members may not recognize all of these names, however, these are just a portion that are in my lineage!  Remember, you have 1 set of parents, 2 sets of grandparents, 4 sets of great-grandparents, 8 sets of great-great-grandparents!  Each generation doubles!!!  Which means I have a long way to go in my research!  Recently, I have been searching for Great-great grandfathers who participated in the Civil War.  So far, I can only find the records of William Powell Mashburn, 6th NC Calvary and William Vinson Griffith, 59th Georgia Infantry.  If I  find any that fought for the Union I will ignore!    Just kidding, but seriously I do not expect to find any!  "Southern born, and Southern bred, and when we die we'll be Southern dead!"

7-19-2008-  Add Nancy and Mike K. from Clearwater, FL to my Newfound Favorite Cousin List!  Nancy is a descendant of Theodocia Mashburn Mason and has lots of family photos.  She has been a HUGE help in identifying pictures on my Lost Family Photos project!  Click here:  Nancy and Mike opened their home up to my family and I and we looked at photos for a whole day!  I will post some of her photos on the Mashburn Page asap.

5-1-2008  Guess what??   I have recently launched a new business!  Skyway Sales and Marketing Co.  I now have my own Sales Agency, and I am looking for new products to represent!  Click here to see website in progress:

4-19-2008  New Project!!!  Identifying old family photos!  A couple of us cousins have been analyzing photos over the last couple of weeks.  We have really enjoyed sharing and identifying old photos that we have collected or inherited over the years.  The problem is, many of the photos were not marked.  It is my desire to get these photos to their rightful owners!  If you are related to the following families you may find your loved ones and ancestors here--  Mashburn (duh), Marlow, Reid, Doster, Craig, Chapman, Mason, Crisp, Dalton, Clayton, Long, Mull, Shinpaugh, and this list will probably grow!  Please click here to view:   I will be adding to this list weekly, please check back often. 

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