Two little angels...

About the Angels.

Our Story Twin Boys and Angel Cloe ...

I was terrible at keeping track of my monthly cycle. I did the same every month! Dave was sent out, (once the thought had crossed my mind), to buy a pregnancy test. Usually if i did a test it was negative anyway.
February was no different, cycle wise, so as usual the test was bought. This time it showed positive...Well i can't explain the shock!! We were totally unprepared for 2 lines, and had become complacent that it would be negative, having 4 children already, and not decided when we would have our next baby!

At 6 weeks i had a bleed, so was sent to the hospital for a scan. Everything was fine,then the sonographer said "oh!". This scared me a little! She continued with "it's twins!", at which point i was so glad i was lying down! Dave and i were in total shock!! The sonographer brought in 2 midwives,and they all appeared puzzled!? It turns out i had 4 sacs when i first fell pregnant, but only 2 had babies growing inside. Well, after being told that, twins instead of quads seemed like a breeze!

We waited before telling our families, as i was still bleeding on and off.

I was now getting scanned regularly, and the babies were growing well, so we decided to tell them. Everyone laughed and joked about us having 2 babies, saying we were greedy as we already had 4!

The weeks passed, and i was still having weekly scans in hospital. The bleeding had continued, and occurred at least once a week.

At 17.5 weeks pregnant i was in for my usual scan, when they noticed a problen had developed. Twin 1 had lost it's amniotic fuid, without which it couldn't move about. I was sent for a detailed scan with one of the consultants. There seemed to be no reason why this had occurred, and the baby appeared fine. However, we were told that as the baby couldn't move about, it's lungs would not develop, so it couldn't survive once born. My poor little baby. Twin 2 was growing well though, so i was to be scanned every 2 days over the next 6, then back to weekly if twin 1 had survived this far.

Over the following days twin 1 had survived, but, still without fluid it was stuck in the top right corner of my womb. 

The monday after i went for my scan, and everything remained the same, only this time i'd developed a temperature. They decided to keep me in as i had an infection. I was now getting tightenings, but they said these could subside.

Tuesday night i went to sleep as normal, only to wake at 6am with severe pains. Sadly twin 1 had died. Our baby boy Fraser was stillborn at 9:25am on wednesday, 14th june, 2006.


 I continued to get strong contractions,so decided to get some fresh air. Amazingly  they stopped , and afterwards a scan showed twin 2 was in perfect health. Thank goodness!!

We held Frasers funeral on Friday, 23rd june, 2006. It was so surreal. Burying your baby whilst still pregnant  is such a strange feeling!

Since delivering Fraser i was on anti-biotics, and also still bleeding! The weekly scans continued.

Life went on, as normally as it could, until 2 weeks after. Severe pains began in my side and the tightenings started. With the pain increasing i decided to go to the hospital. I was examined, and my cervix was closed, but then i stood up off of the bed, and my waters broke! I was totally devastated. I was told that if i did not give birth that night i would be seen by the consultant the next day.

Twin 2 was a fighter and i got to see the consultant. He informed me that the next 48 hours were very crucial, and as long as i didn't go into labour, the chances were high for my pregnancy to continue.

Sadly, twin 2 also died. Our other little baby boy David, was stillborn at 23:55pm on wednesday, 5th july, 2006, (exactly 3 weeks after his angel brother Fraser! )


Davids funeral was held on thursday, 13th july, 2006.

We have never found out the reason behind Frasers birth. We know that the infection i got from this though, had surrounded the amniotic sac around David.

The whole experience was the most tragic thing we have ever had to deal with in our lives. We were, and still are, totally devastated! The only comfort we can take from this is that we were privilledged to meet the 2 most  beautiful boys ever! They will forever have a place in our hearts, where they will stay for evermore.


The Boys and their Angel Sister


I have an extra story about Fraser and David.
 They have a big sister Cloe, but It was many years ago now. May 9th 2000.
 I have no pictures and her story is left inside me as a mother. I know she is with her brothers.
Although Fraser and David are at the forefront of our minds I would like everyone to remember that they had a big sister.
She is looking out for them and helping them paint the bright,bright,stars that we see above, sooo bright,
 that we could never,ever forget the special angels we all have!


I had her for a week but the bleed she had through birth in her head would have made her life non existant. It was kinder to swich off the machines that were vital too her and just hold her close for the special hour that I had with her.




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