Maritime Heritage Afloat on tidal and flowing waters

Management Side of what might have been a Great Maritime idea


After all the blundering and messing in November and December, Pentargon arrived back in the Lea at 2349 on 31st December with 11 minutes remaining on his all-singing all-dancing £825 2013 Gold Licence. Pogue had originally planned to have Pentargon heaved out at Stansted Abbotts before Crimbo, but late 2013 reality will probably make an even better story than the 2013 strategic plan.

The 2013 Gold Licence cost over £825 for the year and was 'useful' to enable almost the whole of the C&RT SE region to be visited. 2014 will be spent on the Lea Navigation and the River so a 3mt licence can be bought for about £125, before pulling the boat for the following three months to do some relaxed painting and TLC. 

Here I want to comment on the Environmental Agency which administers the non tidal Thames. Not impressed. Maybe the Thames should be given to C&RT. I thought when buying the Gold Licence I was buying a years access to the non-tidal Thames.