"Zario Products, Your Way" By: Melzario Davis


    My name is Melzario Davis. My company is based on pottery and transportation/product design and even automotive illustration. I started my company "Your Way Bowls" in late 2007. Although the company title is "Your Way Bowls", I also have the ability to produce pots, cups/mugs, plates, vases, and candle holders. My standard of work is precise and very well done. When making an order, take in to consideration that it may take a little more than four weeks (due to the fact that I'm working full time now) to complete the finished product, but it will be worth the wait, believe me. From time to time, I work as an intern at The YouthVille Detroit Recreation Center based in Detroit, Mi. It is on the corner of Lothrop and Woodward. I work there sometimes under the guidance of Sean Hages.

    The ones who taught me how to wheel throw and gave me most of the knowledge I have of ceramics are Darnie Sizemore and Erica Allen. I received my lessons at a historic ceramics center in Detroit called Pewabic Pottery, where Marry Stratton is the founder. I worked at that place during the summer of 2007 as an apprentice. It was a very nice experience and besides gaining the ability to wheel throw and make other things out of clay, I also gained knowledge of the business side of working with ceramics; a lot more than you think goes into running a successful business, especially when it comes to pottery/ceramics. Recently, I changed the name of my company to Zario Products, Your Way. It still consists of ceramics, transportation, and product design and automotive illustration. 
    Besides knowing how to work with clay, I also have the ability to draw. Over the years, I've worked with mediums such as oil pastel, color pencil, Photoshop CS4 Extended, graphite, charcoal, pen, oil paint, tempera paint, watercolor paint, markers (basically Chartpak AD), and very, very little experience with airbrush. I can practically draw anything you would want me to draw, but I specialize in product design and transportation design.

    I am now working full time and I plan on returning to the College for Creative Studies in the near future to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial/Transportation Design.

 Take a look around the site, and if you have any questions, suggestions, orders you would like to make, or just compliments, then I have an e-mail address: mlzrdavis@gmail.com or contact me on FaceBook; just simply put in my name for the search. If it is important enough, you may contact my cell, which is (313) 492-1663.  Also, remember to sign my guestbook, 

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