Title: We need to talk
Artist: SilverCatseyes
Submitted to TGA: October 24, 2014
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Artist's Comments
"Waving the squirrel's fluffy tail out of her face Basil simply turned to Clawes and said "We need to talk" before dragging him by the elbow into the kitchen, leaving a stupefied lady staring after them."

First of all, yes, Basil is a.... WOMAN! At least here... Why? Because we can :P So get over it! :P

Miss sycamoreleaf created a beautiful story and as I am waiting for something at the moment I decided to finish a simple sketch I have started loooooooooooong time ago :D ......... It will be included sooner or later into a bigger pic... But as I haven't uploaded anything from GMD since quite a time....... Here it is! Because Basil is the best and Clawes the cutest ever! And I REALLY WANTED TO DRAW HIM!!!!!!!!!!

Miss sycamoreleaf's story: Whispers in the Dark [Not finished yet and maybe abandoned... but hopefully someday...] And check out her gallary, beautiful things she does!^^

Detective Inspector Emrys Clawes belongs to tranimation-art. Check out her gallery, there are also other awesome characters she created^^