Title: We Meet Again Colored
Artist: Mykenna Tremblay (Colored by Brina)
Submitted to TGA: December 23, 2011
File Size: 1.12MB
Image Size: 363KB
Resolution: 900x1394

Artist's Comments
On October 15, 2011, Mykenna asked me at deviantART if I would color this drawing for her. At that time, I was busy packing for a week-long trip and was unable to do it. Though, I never forgot about the request. Down the line, however, Mykenna went and deleted it from her deviantART gallery for unknown reasons. The case is usually when a submission is no longer desired. I had been planning all along to color it for her and give it to her closer to Christmas, but I never got the chance to download it to my computer. When I discovered the picture was deleted, I almost met defeat until I remembered I could do a search on Internet browsing history. I looked up web pages from October and found the title of the piece. From there I did a Google search and found a web cache of her picture. I downloaded the full drawing and set to work on it right away. Voilą! So, here is her drawing all colored with a computer-drawn background. This was completely done in CorelDRAW Photo Paint 8. No photos were added. I tried to color the two of Basil and Honest John as exactly as they should using the Eyedropper tool. The background was done all by using the mouse cursor to make a Line Art version first. I followed a random background from the Pinocchio movie. I'm not entirely pleased with the colored background results, but at least the two characters came out looking pretty decent.

As I said, I had been planning to give this to Mykenna as a gift more closer to Christmas. I consider her one of the most dedicated Great Mouse Detective fans ever. Not only does she call Basil her Best Pal, she's even Founder to a deviantART group called TGMD! Now that's dedication! I really hope she likes this outcome to her drawing.

Original artwork is © Mykenna Tremblay
Basil is © Eve Titus/Disney
Honest John is © Carlo Collodi/Disney