We'll get her back
by silvermouse

A/N: Dawson's thoughts after Olivia's kidnapping. With thanks to Shelly Lane for helping me overcome writer's block! :)

What have I done?

I could tell that Basil was angry about young Olivia Flaversham's disappearance as soon as I found him dangling from a doll's pull string. However he was not just angry that Fidget had escaped from us -with the girl- he was furious that I had lost her. I had gone and messed up a very important case and now Basil will regret bringing me along.

On second thoughts, he already regrets it. I can tell by the way he had lost his temper at me.

'No good deed goes unpunished.' I thought glumly. Turning round so my companion wouldn't see the tears forming in my eyes, I start to remember what had happened earlier…

Not long before the events here, before meeting Basil and even before finding Olivia I had just returned from Afghanistan with the horrible memories of soldiers dying on out on the battlefield and in the field hospitals where I was stationed as surgeon … I shuddered inwardly. The dear girl might witness her father becoming a victim of Ratigan's pet cat Felicia, whom the detective had told me about on the way to the human toy store, which was where we were now. I had no wish to see or hear of Olivia becoming a young murder victim of Mousedom's Napoleon of Crime. But now I fear the worst.

Never had I made such a big mess in my entire life. I now feel very guilty, like I had done In Afghanistan seeing many of my friends and comrades suffer and die, whilst I was alive and more or less in good health.

Only I deserved to feel guilty about it all. If Basil chooses to see me as a failure, then so be it. I wouldn't think less of his abilities.

This is all my fault…

Suddenly, a hand rests gently on my shoulder. I turn round- and see the private consulting detective giving me a kindly look, something I thought I would never see.

"We'll get her back," he says, quietly but confidently.

All of my doubt and fears dissipate and I feel a new sense of hope arise within me.

"Do- do you think there's a chance?" I ask.

"There's always a chance Doctor. As long as one can think."