Description: The famous carbonated drink was first invented in the late 19th century, and has been widely shown around the world in every known country. When the Coca-Cola Company decided to try a marketing scheme titled Share A Coke, it became somewhat amusing to find your own name, or that of a friend, upon the well-known red label. When I came across names such as Basil, Padraic (Ratigan's first name), and Dawson in the virtual bottle database, it couldn't have been help to make some photo manipped images of the characters each holding a bottle of Coke. With Basil and Olivia, his pipe was changed to an old-fashioned Coke bottle. Their image is from one of the French magazines, “Journal de Mickey.” The other two are masked screenshots.

Basil of Baker Street, Professor Ratigan & Dr.Dawson © Disney/Eve Titus
Olivia Flaversham © Disney
Coke © The Coca-Cola Company
Photo manipulations © Brina
Created July 29, 30, & August 1, 2014