Title: Ratigan Steampunk
Artist: candie-gal101
Submitted to TGA: October 19, 2012
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Resolution: 732 x 1023
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Artist's Comments
Ok well k actually didn't mean to draw him in a steampunk form.

Ive been watching one of my old favorite movies "The great mouse detective" and for some reason, i had a dream about Ratigan.

In the dream i was following Ratigan around, im not sure why. But in the dream he had survived the fall from Big Ben but had lost his hand and was replaced with a mechanical one. Thus leading to this.

The dream was actually extremely terrifying. I kept seeing people horribly mutilated. There was blood everywhere, people crying out as their intestines and guts where falling out. I could hear bones snapping, and see their flesh being ripped off. I tried to help them but Ratigan kept stopping me, grabbing me with his mechanical hand. I could feel his cold hard grip on me. He was trying to take me somewhere, im not sure if he was trying to take me away from them or take me somewhere to hurt me. I actually woke up about 6 or 7 times either from fear or i felt like i was going to throw up because of the people around me. Yet every time i went back to sleep it was the same dream and Ratigan kept coming back after me. He was extremely angry for me disappearing and would grab me, holding tightly onto my arms and shaking me.

Weird part was i woke up extremely stiff and sore.

I feel sick just thinking about it.