Description: Ever since I watched the 1983 featurette, "Mickey's Christmas Carol," I had always loved the way Mickey was animated. I loved it so much, it ended up becoming my second-favorite appearance of him (the first being in "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"). The love of his looks eventually passed on to another mouse, one Basil by name, after viewing The Great Mouse Detective in 1986. I never knew why I loved the way both mice were animated until reading a bit of information online. Aside from Wayne Allwine voicing Walt Disney's famous mouse and Barrie Ingham lending his vocal talent to the London detective, the animator assigned to each character was none other than Mark Henn! After learning of such news, I went to find a picture of Mickey from the holiday featurette and then place a picture of Basil right next to him. This is the result I came up with.

Both pictures are and property of The Walt Disney Company.