Title: Incognito at the beach - Sketch
Artist: Atrixfromice
Submitted to TGA: August 2, 2013
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Artist's Comments
Just a drawing sketch I did before taking dinner today. It was an sketch for an idea I had yesterday night, when I was thinking, about how my dear friend I were talking about my favorite characters some days ago, and he asked me about mine, and I forgot to mention them! And I thought so suddenly and said "Oh my why?! WHY I FORGOT TO MENTION THEM IF THEY ARE ONES OF MY MOST FAVORITE CHARACTERS " That lead me to think how I have never drawn them yet (well I have a painting of Basil but the drawings its of a friend of mine) if I love these characters and the movie also! Specially Dawson! Cos he's really mature and caring, and that's cute

Also I like Dawson's voice in the original version a lot more cos it's so sweet!! and I had the change to see the actor in a clip of how the movie was made some time ago! Well both of them, they seemed to be very nice and warm people, and I have a "six sense" for those things, I know when people it's good and when it's mean for seeing them and hearing them talking, for a lot of other details. It's funny, when I watched the movie in Spanish from Mexico I liked Basil's voice a bit more, but when I heard it in English like a couple of years ago, I fell in love with Dawson! I adore his voice and his way to say "Oh my" OH SO MUCH !!! ....You know I have a soft spot for that phrase But he's one of the characters who say it better really.

So I was thinking of doing a drawing today of them being incognito for some case, and I went to dA to look for inspiration and I found that there's no much originality or variety on the art from the movie o_o There's of them with the same old loose clothing they always wear So I thought that if people don't have imagination "why nobody ever haven't drawn them with other clothes at least, with Dr. Who clothes or super hero clothes or something!" So I thought, what would be the most unusually place for them to do a mission, the beach And I wanted to know if I could draw him in swimsuit I think that would be interesting to see, so here they are in this funny and cute concept ^^

I just guessed Dawson would be shy about being in a swimsuit, even on one for that era While Basil would be more outgoing about this But I thought of Dawson with either with a shirt, or with a "whole swimsuit" of the old ones for some reason I guess I didn't want him to be too embarrassed!

I'm not going to scrap this, I'm very proud of this drawing because, it's the first time I draw these two and the result was rather amazing! I couldn't finish the other half for lack of time....and because I felt I wasn't sure of how to do that I mean, they always used too loose clothes that it's difficult to imagine how they are without them Also I was going to draw a continuation for this but, I had no references of shy Dawson and I was unsure of how to do it myself I took references from screencaps to draw the faces, but the expressions are something I imagined I hope I managed to make them be in character, and yes, I can imagine Dawson saying "strictly necessary" I love that he uses words in expressions that not much people know sometimes, and so Basil. I imagined their top half though, and I think I would consider this as a fan service, which it's amazing cos there's no fan service art from these two! So I hope you like it! It's dedicated to all fans of Basil and Dawson