Title: Happy Anniversary GMD
Artist: Bumme4
Submitted to TGA: July 22, 2011
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Artist's Comments
I made it!!!!! Happy anniversary GMD!
This took days and nights to do and I am glad that I am finally done
This is my entry for the contest on:
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I bet they will be seeing a lot of pink elephants if they keep drinking that pink champagne XD

I planned this a long time ago, but first began sketching on June 24. Then when I was done with that I scanned it into the computer, did the lineart, the colors and then the shadows (this took the longest). I drew most of the characters and the background on different pieces of papers which became 7 in total. I finished it on July 1.

A closer look on Fidget and Kitty: :[link]

Miss Kitty, Fidget, Hiram, Olivia, Kitty's twin sisters, Dawson, Miss Hotson, Basil and Ratigan belongs to Disney and Eve Titus