Restored version of the cel. Lower half of Basil was digitally painted by me (Brina). Not for use on any other site.


Description (from Howard
The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
original production animation cel painting and background print
gouache on untrimmed animation cel sheet; painted cel image size: 5.25" x 3.5"; overall 7.75" x 12" with 11" x 13.25" background print

This handsome full-figure hand-painted animation cel of Basil, the film's title character, was created in the Disney ink-and-paint department and photographed during the making of the animated feature based on the story Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus. The cel appears in a scene in Basil's flat during the film's happy concluding sequence. Olivia departs with her father after giving Basil an unexpected and heartfelt hug, and Dr. Dawson prepares to take his leave. Caught off-guard, Basil stammers: "But...but I thought."

The cel was selected and prepared for release in Disney's art program; it is set over a color print of the matching background in the film (Disney inventory number is on the back). "The Walt Disney Company" seal is on the cel of Basil at upper right. Studio designation R-85" is written at lower right to indicate the cel's place in the scene. Our certificate of authenticity is included.

VERY FINE+ condition.

Art is to The Walt Disney Company