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The Great Mouse Detective (1986)
original production animation cel paintings and background line overlay gouache on three (3) animation cel sheets, Xerography on one cel sheet; painted cel image size: 8.25" x 8.75"; 10.5" x 14" image size including background line overlay cel print

These three (3) lively hand-painted animation cels of Basil, the title character, and flames were created in the Disney ink-and-paint department and photographed together during the making of the animated feature based on the story Basil of Baker Street by Eve Titus. Toby, Basil, Dawson and Olivia Flaversham track Fidget to a toy shop where Ratigan's henchbat makes off with the young girl. However, Fidget leaves behind the handwritten list of items he was to procure for his boss, and Basil studies it back in his Baker Street flat. In this scene he burns it to ashes, which he analyses to discover that it came from the waterfront.

The cels were selected and prepared at Disney for release in its art program of the 1980s and early 1990s. Each of the three (3) painted cels (one of Basil and two of flames) was laminated in the standard practice of that time. The fourth cel sheet is a Xerographic print of the line overlay that was photographed over the background painting in the scene to enhance definition. The Walt Disney Company seal is on the top cel (of flames) at lower right. Studio designations "SF66", "6" (number was partly trimmed away), and "F66" are written at lower right to mark each cel's place in the scene. The cel sheet of Basil was trimmed at the sides and measures 12.5" x 14". Our certificate of authenticity is included.

The cels are set in a 16" x 20" mat as shown in one of the pictures.

The lamination is in excellent condition: VERY FINE+ condition.

Art is to The Walt Disney Company