Title: My First No-Reference Basil
Artist: Mykenna Tremblay
Submitted to TGA: April 27, 2012
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Artist's Comments
The title says it all, but I'll try to explain anyway.

This is one of my oldest Basil sketches I still have, and it is the first one of mine to be drawn without ANY picture references. His outfit may not look quite right, but I can't draw his detective outfit worth sh*t, so.....yeah. Heh...

Anyway, I posted this for to apologize for taking the other one down. I was going to fix it, but I can't seem to find it, and I took the file off of my computer. So, I put a different picture up altogether...yeah.

This is a copy, sadly...I do not know what happened to my original. I spent an afternoon about a week ago looking for the notebook that had the original in it. I ignored three phone calls, and practically tore my room apart. Obviously, I didn't have any luck. Fortunately though, I had made a copy for one of my teachers' paras that I liked, and I got her to make me a copy of the copy I had made for her. Took her a week to find it, but I tried to be patient. I'm sure I got on her nerves, though.....Her copy is now posted to the wall in the classroom. Scares me that he's up there in a way, like I'm embarrassed or something. Kinda dumb, but hey.

It was originally drawn in pencil, and I went over it with a thin pointed sharpie afterwards.

Anyways, yes, and I do hope my friend Brina likes it.

That's all from me.

Basil of Baker Street is owned by the Disney Studios,
And is also owned by Eve Titus (author of the book).

Enjoy, and thanks for looking!