Title: Captain Barbasil Colored
Artist: Brina
Submitted to TGA: May 20, 2011
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Resolution: 576x988
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Artist's Comments
This is the colored version to Captain Barbasil Original

Colored in CorelDRAW Photo Paint 8. And just to make myself perfectly clear: I COLORED THIS WITH NO PHOTO PORTIONS ADDED!!!!

I went to town with my favorite tool, the Pastel brush, and used a faded swirl or blemish on extremely high Transparency. His hat, belt, trousers, and boots are all a combination of red, blue, green, yellow, brown and black blurs. The sleeves are a dark gray with a black gingham pattern. The vest was painted with various colors of burgundy, orange, dark green and yellow.

Again, this was entirely drawn and entirely colored with NO copying/pasting of photo portions.

CorelDRAW 1988-1997

Basil of Baker Street is Disney/Eve Titus
Captain Barbossa is Disney