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Please check each photo you send against the checklist below.

The first step in the commissioning process is to select a suitable photograph from which to start the drawing. This can be done by providing an electronic version via e-mail, or you can send an original photo.

Note: Good quality photos will help me to capture the detailed features of the subject. It is absolutely neccessary to have a good quality photograph in order to produce a quality drawing. The higher the quality of the photograph, the higher the quality of the finished drawing. Remember, I can only draw what I see. 4x6 or larger photographs scanned @ 300dpi is sufficient as a reference photograph.

For portraits please make sure all pictures are at eye level. (The eyes are the most important feature of any portrait)

Are the subjects in the photo pictured clearly in proper lighting?
Please try to avoid pictures that have excess sunlight, red eye or unneccesary shadows on the subject.

There should be no squinted eyes or red eye.

Is the number of subjects to be drawn the same as the number of subjects in the photo?

Does the photo show the upper body only?

Multiple subjects in the photo can mean the face of the one to be
drawn is too small and won't blow up clear enough to see detail.

The face should be at least 2.5" across. Faces the size of a dime won't work.

please send one close-up of the head(s).

For an architectural or other subject, is it captured at the most attractive angle?

When sending photos over e-mail is the image a clear jpeg file?
A good way to tell is to print it out and see how it looks. If you can see the
detail, so can the artist. VERY IMPORTANT: Please do not crop photos.

Are your photos snapshots, taken by a non professional?
Photos taken by a professional photographer or studio must be
accompanied with a signed release from that professional.
No exceptions. See sample release form below.

Customers are responsible for copyright infringement.



Professional Photographer or Artist Release Statement & Signature
I am the owner of the copyright to the photograph(s) or artwork(s) referenced in this order and do authorize it's use by L. Andrew in any way needed to produce this order.

Date: __________

Photographer's/Artist's signature:__________________________________________________

Signature of the professional photographer, studio representative, or artist who owns the photograph/s or artwork/s needed to produce this order.









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