Cemetery List


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France Belgium
A.I.F. Burial Ground, Flers (2)
Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont (1)
Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont Hamel (3)
Arneke British Cemetery (1)
Arras Memorial (2)
Auchonvillers Military Cemetery (1)
Authuille Military Cemetery (11)
Aveluy Communal Cemetery Extension (6)
Bac-du Sud British Cemetery,Bailleulval (1)
Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt (2)
Beaumont Hamel British Cemetery (1)
Becourt Military Cemetery, Becordel- Becourt (6)
Bellacourt Military Cemetery Riviere (2)
Bellicourt British Cemetery, Picardy (2)
Berles New Military Cemetery (1)
Bienvillers Military Cemetery (5)
Blighty Valley Cemetery,Authuille Wood (12)
Bois Guillaume Communal Cemetery and Extension (1)
Boulogne Eastern Cemetery (2)
Bouzincourt Communal Cemetery Extension (4)
Bucquoy Road Cemetery Ficheux (4)
Cambrin Churchyard Extension (4)
Caterpillar Valley Cemetery Longueval (1)
Cayeaux Military Cemetery (4)
Cerisy Gailly Military Cemetery (3)
Chapelle Britsh Cemetery, Holnon (1)
Chocques British Cemetery (1)
Citadel New Military Cemetery, Fricourt (1)
Contay Military Cemetery (1)
Courcelles-Au-Bois Communal Cemetery Extension (1)
Cross Roads Cemetery, Fontaine au Bois (1)
Daours Communal Cemetery Extension (2)
Douchy Les Ayette British Cemetery (2)
Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1 (3)
Englefontaine British Cemetery (1)
Etaples Military Cemetery (6)
Euston Road Cemetery, Colincamps (11)
Foreste Communal Cemetery (2)
Frankfurt Trench British Cemetery, Beaumont Hamel (7)
Gezaincourt Communal Cemetery Extension (1)
Grevillers British Cemetery (1)
Hargicourt Communal Cemetery Extension (1)
Heath Cemetery, Harbonnieres (2)
Hem Communal Cemetery, Somme (1)
Honnechy British Cemetery (1)
La Baraque Military Cemetery, Bellenglise (1)
Le Grand Beaumart British Cemetery, Steenwerck (1)
Le Quesnel Communal Cemetery (1)
Les Baraques Military Cemetery, Sangatte (3)
Lillers Communal Cemetery (1)
Lonsdale Cemetery Authuille (61)
Loos Memorial (2)
Millencourt Communal Cemetery (3)
Mont Huon Military Cemetery, Le Treport (3)
Munich Trench British Cemetery (6)
Nesle Communal Cemetery (3)
Norfolk Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt (1)
Outersteene Communal Cemetery, Nord (1)
Porte de Paris Cemetery, Cambrai (5)
Pozieres Memorial (2)
Puchevillers British Cemetery (8)
Redan Ridge Cemetery No.3, Beaumont Hamel (1)
Rosieres Communal Cemetery Extension, Picardy (1)
Savy British Cemetery (15)
Sailly Saillisel British Cemetery (1)
Serre Road Cemetery No.1 (9)
Serre Road Cemetery No.2 (2)
St Pierre Cemetery, Amiens (4)
St Riquier British Cemetery (1)
St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen (7)
St Sever Cemetery, Rouen (3)
Sunken Road Cemetery Boisleux-St Marc (1)
Ten Tree Alley Cemetery, Puisieux (10)
Thiepval Memorial (201)
Unicorn Cemetery, Vend'Huile (1)
Valenciennes (St. Roch) Communal Cemetery (4)
Military Cemetery (5)
Vermelles British Cemetery (1)
Vis-en Artois Memorial (5)
Waggon Road Cemetery Beaumont Hamel (49)
Warlincourt Halte Britisn Cemetery, Saulty (1)
Warloy Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension (9)
Wavans British Cemetery (1)
Wimereux Communal Cemetery (3)
Zuydcoote Military Cemetery (7)

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Adinkerke Military Cemetery, Belgium (2)
Artillery Wood Cemetery (5)
Brandhoek Military Cemetery, Belgium (1)
Brandhoek New Military Cemetery No.3 (1)
Canada Farm Cemetery (1)
Coxyde Military Cemetery (32)
Dozinghem Military Cemetery, Belgium (7)
Duhallow A.D.S Cemetery (3)
Gwalia Cemetery, Ieper(1)
Haringhe(Bandaghem) Military Cemetery(1)
Harlebeke New British Cemetery (3)
Hospital Farm Cemetery, Ieper (1)
Larch Wood (Railway Cutting) Cemetery (3)
Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery (1)
Menin Gate Memorial (2)
Mendinghem Military Cemetery (7)
New Irish Farm Cemetery (5)
Nieuport memorial (58)
Nieuwpoort Commonal Cemetery, Belgium (8)
Nine Elms British Cemetery (1)
Oostende New Communal Cemetery, Belgium (2)
Oxford Road Cemetery, Belgium (1)
Passchendaele New British Cemetery (3)
Ploegsteert Memorial (3)
Poelcapelle British Cemetery, Belgium (4)
Ramscapelle Road Military Cemetery (7)
Strand Military Cemetery (1)
St Julien Dressing Station Cemetery, Ieper, Belgium (1)
Tyne Cot Cemetery (7)
Tyne Cot Memorial (105)
Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery, Belgium (1)
Westhof Farm Cemetery (1)

United Kingdom
Ambleside(St Mary) Churchyard, Cumberland (1)
Arthuret (St Michael) Churchyard, Cumberland(1)
Barnsley (Ardsley) Cemetery, S.Yorkshire (1)
Battersea Rise Cemetery (1)
Bebington Cemetery (1)
Belfast City Cemetery, Northern Ireland (1)
Bowness on Solway(St Michael)Churchyard, Cumbl'd (1)
Bootle(St Michael)Churchyard, Cumbl'd (1)
Brampton St Martin Old Churchyard, Cumberland (1)
Burgh by Sands(St Michael)Churchyard, Cumberland (1)
Cambridge City Cemetery, Cambridgeshire (1)
Carlisle (Dalston Road) Cemetery (10)
Carlisle (Stanwix) Cemetery (1)
Chichester Cemetery (1)
Cockermouth Cemetery,Cumberland (2)
Cotehill (St John) Churchyard, Cumberland (1)
East Ham (St Mary Magdalene) Churchyard (1)
Frizington (St Pauls) Churhyard, Cumberland (1)
Greenock Cemetery, Scotland (1)
Hartlepool West View Cemetery (1)
Hayton (St Mary Magdalene) Churchyard, Cumberland (1)
Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton (1)
Hornchurch (Rainham) Cemetery, Essex (1)
Houghton Churchyard, Cumberland (1)
Howgill (Holy Trinity) Churchyard (1)
Kendal Parkside Cemetery (3)
Keswick (St Johns) Churchyard (1)
Kirkandrews Upon Eden Churchyard (1)
Lower Darwin(St James) Churchyard (1)
Manchester (Phillips Park) Cemetery (1)
St Laurence Churchyard, Morland (1)
Moston (St Joseph) Roman Catholic Cemetery, Lancs (1)
Newton-Le Willows Cemetery, Lancashire (1)
Old Road Cemetery, Llanelli, Wales (1)
Patterdale (St Patrick) Churchyard, Cumberland (1)
Penrith Cemetery, Cumberland (1)
Plymouth (Efford) Cemetery, Devon (1)
St Michaels Churchyard Extension, Bootle (1)
St Thomas of Canterbury Churchyard, Farlam, Cumberland (1)
Wacton Magna (All Saints) Churchyard, Norfolk (1)
Whitbourne(St John the Baptist)Churchyard, Hereford (1)
Whitehaven Cemetery (3)
Wigton Cemetery, Cumberland (1)
Workington (Harrington Road ) Cemetery, Cumberland (2)

Berlin South-Western Cemetery, Germany (2)
Cologne Southern Cemetery, Germany (1)
Hamburg Cemetery (3)
Niederzwehren Cemetery, Germany (2)