Lonsdale Roll of Honour.

This is a list of the war dead of the Lonsdale Battalion, when they died where and where they are buried/commemorated. Any names in blue, are ones I have pictures of their grave/commemoration and the picture is accessed via the link. Also I have included pictures of the cemetery they are buried in, any other commemorations where I have them and if possible a picture of the soldier.
The lists are by surname, simply click on the letter of his surname to navigate to the page and navigate back
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NB. Please email me if any links do not work on any pages and I will try to correct them.                                *Latest Project Update 6th MARCH 2019*


Lonsdale War Grave Project.

This project is to try and obtain war grave pictures of the grave or memorial of all the Lonsdale war dead. I intend to obtain as many pictures as I can manage, of the men of the Lonsdales. The idea is to get a picture of the grave or commemoration on a memorial, which will be available free to those who request it. Also available will be a photo of the cemetery and in some cases the soldier in question. I hope to update this page as part of my Lonsdale War Grave Project . The link on the soldiers name is to his war grave picture , the cemetery links to a view of this and any other photo's are labelled accordingly. I would like to make a request to all readers of this site to help in the Lonsdale War Grave Project. The Lonsdales are buried in France ,Belgium Germany and the UK in the cemeteries listed here:- Cemetery List . If any readers would like to help please contact me and I have lists of burials by cemetery, with directions and cemetery plans showing the approximate location of graves. If you are going to the Western Front and can take a couple of snaps, or live near one of the UK Cemeteries, please help this project. All I ask is a couple of pictures, and a cemetery view( I realise some cemeteries have long lists and people can't spend too much time taking photos). If you have a relative listed who you may have a photo of, then that would also be very welcome - maybe we can get a grave photo if you have not yet got one. This project could take years, I realise and I intend to try, even if I fail, I hope to get part way to a comprehensive set of pictures. You can help, so please think about it and contact me via email, if you are willing to assist. Finally, if I have missed out any Lonsdales from my list, or you find a link that is broken in the listings, please let me know and I'll put that right as soon as possible.

Special Thanks

I would like to place on record a special thanks to David and Pat Shackleton.
During the summer, from their holiday home in the region, they have visited many of the cemeteries featured on the project and taken a superb set of pictures for the project. Many thanks to you both and I hope my project does your hard work justice.
* Note-These pictures are now online on the project.*

*Special thanks also, due to Peter Bennett, for many pictures from his collection, taken on his travels to the Western Front and his contacts, who have supplied many difficult to get pictures*
*Special thanks also, due to Jim and Teresa Corkery, for many pictures, taken on their travels to the Western Front.*

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Friends of the Lonsdale War Grave Project

The following people have assisted the project, either by submitting
pictures or information, or just plain inspiration.They have been a
wonderful help in making the project what it is and I would like to
give each one of and every them my heartfelt thanks :-

Delphine Davies, Vic Denholm, Chris Szigeti, Stewart and Sandra Dalzell, Pete Threlfell, Peter Sloan, Juan Garrett, Roland Edgar, John Norman, Chris Allonby, Lisa Bradbury, Dennis Meek, Steve Scott, Sally Logue, Mike Deacon, Jamie McGinlay, Simon Haines, Lee Pillans, Chris Foster, Alan Thompson, Tony Goddard,Stuart Eastwood, David Drury, Jeff Tudor, Wolfgang Paland, David and Pat Shackleton, John Fearn, Ian Lewis, Oliver Wilkinson, Geoff Johnston, Peter Bennett, Marijke Taffein, Gary Pullinger, Christine Blair, John Grainger, Michael Bloy, Jon Barton, John and Barbara Reynolds, Ken and Pam Linge, Martin Biddle, Ron O'Brien, Phil Cowen, Paul Ormerod , A Scott(Scottie), Robert Lindsay, Geoffrey Gillon,
The Lijssenthoek Project,
Mick McCann-The British War Grave website,
The Manchester Regiment Group Forum, Terry Denham, Jim and Teresa Corkery, Thibault Delattre, Judy and Trevor Rieck,
Wallace and Barbara McLarty, Olivier Dirson, Boreenatra,
Peter Sloan, Paul Lac, Alan and Janette Holdaway, Andrelee Neal, Garry Clayton, Peter Barton, Simon Jones,
The La Boisselle Study Group, Denis Otter, for his pictures of men from Burnley and District,
Helen Sanders for views of Chichester Cemetery,
Pierre Vandervelden, Regis Biaux,
Alex Langley for pictures of Pozieres Memorial Panels,
John Ruddick, Marnik Vanderper, Paul Le Trevier
Dean Langhorn, Wayne Sinnott, Noelle Ayers Morgan, Jules Foster, Mary Watson, Sue Foster and Raymond Dobie, David Warburton, Susan Parker, Julie Mason.