German Viewpoint 1st July 1916

The pages are mainly from the 180 R.I.R and 52nd Brigade who were part of the defence of the Ovillers-Leipzig Salient area.

The view from Mouquet farm a German strongpoint, over the area attacked by the Lonsdales

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180 INF
Brigade History 52nd Wurtemmburg Brigade
-July 1st 1916
Map showing sectors of the
German defence
Map showing Regimental
defence positions-Leipzig Salient
Documents regarding the German view of July 1st 1916

Somme Nord-The Attack on the Leipzig Salient
Wurttemberg Infantry Regt Nr. 180 at Ovillers.
Translations courtesy of Bill MacCormick
Author (as Alan Macdonald) of the book out soon
'Z Day, 1st July 1916, The Attack of the X Corps at Thiepval.'
Regimental History 180 R.I.R June/July 1916
(16 pages in German)
Courtesy of Werner Mink of Bremen.

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Compilation photo taken from Mouquet Farm showing the key points of the 1st July attack.

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