Grace Temple Church Eternal Life Center

"A Center For All Your Spiritual Needs"

Elder Mark A. Redd & First Lady Tasha C. Redd

Pastor Elect, Elder Mark A. Redd is the son of the late Bishop Aaron H. Redd, Sr. and Mother Shelby Redd.  LadyTasha Redd is the daughter of Deacon John Whiteside and Evangelist Mary Alice Whiteside.  Elder Redd was saved June 1990.  After a two year struggle with the Lord, he accepted his calling in October 1999.  In July 2004, he became an ordained minister of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc.

Elder Redd has worked in many capacities within the church which include;  Van Driver, Sunday School Teacher, Musician (Saxophone), Choir Member, Ordained Deacon, President and Vice-President of the Men's Ministry auxiliary, Vacation Bible School Coordinator, Sunday School Superintendent, Community Outreach ministries, and Bible Class Teacher.  He has also held offices for the Men's Ministry of the West Virginia and East Tennessee Council, currently is the Christian Education President, and serveson the Bishop's Cabinet. In 2011, he was elevated to District Elder by Bishop Samuel R. Moore, Diocesan.
In September of 1989, Elder Redd married Lady Tasha (Whiteside) Redd, and to their union was added (4) children; Constance, Christian, Jordan and Jonathan.  They are proud grandparents of (2) grandchildren; Jaden and Nevaeh.

Elder Redd graduated from Science Hill High School and received an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northeast State Community College.  He worked many years for Eastman Chemical Company in Kingsport, Tennessee as a Senior Engineer Technician in the R&D Division, but resigned to take on pastoral duties full-time.  Lady Redd is the Marketing Coordinator for Eastman Credit Union.

Bishop Aaron H. Redd, Sr. & Mother Shelby Redd

Our second former Pastor and first lady are multitalented servants of God.  Bishop Aaron H. Redd, DDiv. served as Pastor for Grace Temple for 35 years.  He is the son of our late founding pastor, Viola Shelton Redd and Deacon Walter Harrison Redd.  Mother Shelby Redd is the daughter of the late, Cass and Janie Williams.  They have been married for over 52 years and blessed with six sons.  {Aaron Jr, (The late) Wayne, Michael, (The late) Karl, Terry and Mark}

Bishop Redd has served in almost every capacity of the church including the usher board, choir, quartet, Sunday school, deacon board, trustee board and the office of assistant pastor.

The inherent meaning of our pastor's name "Aaron" is "Light Bringer".  You will always find him shedding light through teaching and preaching the true Gospel.  He is a teacher among teachers and offers these words of wisdom to those aspiring for the ministry: "Study the Word of God, and prepare for hard work.  One must be willing to work hard to be successful depicting a servant's attitude."

Mother Redd serves as our pianist, soloist, church treasurer and on the trustee board.  Mother Redd definitely lives up to the Spiritual connotation of her name "Shelby" which means "Faithful Steward".  She is a model of quietude and meekness, not to be taken for granted. She faithfully supports her husband and the saints in much prayer.  She quotes to wives of husbands that are in the ministry, "Be patient, loving, supportive and accepting of the demand made on you and your husband.  Work along the side of him, making suggestions while not being too critical.  Remember that he's a man of God and God is leading him."

Former Pastor's Highlights

United States Army 2 year term

Mayor's Integration Committee

Bachelor's Degree in Religious Education from Aenon Bible College

District Elder August 1978

Who's Who in Religion 1992,1993 edition

Suffragan Bishop April 1996

Diocesan Bishop of District 23 of W. Va. & E. TN. Council since 1997-2009

Emertius Diocesan of Distict 23 of W. Va & E. TN Council 2009

2006 Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Aenon Bible College

Pastor of Grace Temple Church 35 years 1972-2007



Our History

The founder and former pastor, Viola Shelton Redd was saved on August 6, 1925 in Gary, West Virginia. She returned to Johnson City, Tennessee in June 1928 to being a minister. Other ministers and workers joined her in soul-winning campaigns and a church, Grace Temple Church was organized. V.S. Redd was installed as pastor. Walter Haynes and Walter Redd were placed as deacons. At a later date Evangelist, Verlie Haynes was placed as Assistant Pastor and still later; the late, Suffragan Bishop Ozell Carter became the assistant Pastor.

After the Church was organized, it was like the Tabernacle having no permanent house of worship, wandered. In 1941, Mr. James Brown (deceased) a dear friend built and sold to Grace Temple Church it's first site, (in rear of the old church at 333 Magnolia Avenue). Mr. Jes Wilson sold to the Church the lot at 333 Magnolia Avenue, where a brick-tile structure was erected, chiefly of community effort. This building was completed July 11, 1944 and was dedicated by Bishop Samuel K. Grimes, (decreased) Presiding Bishop of the P.A. of W.

In the year of 1964, the city of Johnson City informed our church that the land in this area was for redevelopment. Our old church site at 333 Magnolia was sold and a new building was erected in the name of the Lord at 130 Garden Drive. On the first Sunday of May 1965 the laying of the corner stone and the dedication services were held. Bishop B.T. Jones officiated.

In the year 1966, Elder Aaron H. Redd, Sr. was ordained to the ministry at Huntington, West Virginia by Bishop of the Diocese, B.T. Jones. After the passing of his father, Deacon Walter H. Redd in 1967, and later the passing of his mother, the former pastor V.S. Redd, Elder Aaron Redd, was installed by the late, Bishop B. T. Jones on January 9, 1971 and became the pastor of Grace Temple Church.

In 1983 we purchased another lot, which we hope will help us in building. In April 1985, we gained possession of the former Dunbar School property, which is located next door to Grace Temple Church, and which has many rooms and space for our long sought after expansion so much needed. Renovations now complete, the late, Bishop B.T. Jones, May 11, 1986, dedicated the new edifice and the Corner Stone was laid, and the mortgage burned. For the past 20 years in our new location, God has blessed us continuously. Please pray for continued blessings from the Lord to serve Him well.