Groove Phi Groove S.F.I.

THE Bulldog One Chapter

#0 Club

The Bulldog One Chapter has a tradition of designating a member who completes the rights of passage (orientation) process alone with the honor of wearing the number zero. This solo club is a very honorable position and few can claim to their respective line's Ace, Honcho, Rock, and Tail. The number zero refers to the cipher (the whole) of supreme mathematics. To complete journey of becoming a Groove successfully, an individual must encompass knowledge, wisdom, understanding; which complete the cipher.

Bulldog One Chapter Solo (0) Club:


Fl. Robert Linder, Spring 1969


Fl. Sidney Gardner,  Spring 1975


Fl. Keith Williams, Fall 1978


Dr. Michael S. Hughes, Spring 1980


Fl. Maurice A. Berry, Spring 2007


Fl. Kyle J.T. Edwards, Fall 2007


Fl. Michael Djangali, Spring 2009



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