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Bulldog One Chapter History

The Bulldog One Chapter of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc. was originally chartered in November of 1967 by Fellowman Nathaniel Alston, Fellowman John Tucker, and Fellowman Ronnie Quarles, it was the first fraternal organization on the campus of Bowie State College. The Bulldog One chapter is the thirteenth oldest undergraduate chapter in the nation of Groove Phi. Since then a plethora of lines have graced the yard of The Bowie State University, starting with the Bloody Six.


Spring 1968: Bloody Six

Fl. Sammy Williams (R.I.P.), Fl. Omar Jones, Fl. Joshua Taylor (R.I.P.), Fl. Oscar Kidd, Fl. Eddy Fields (R.I.P.), & Fl. Charlie Bell.

Summer 1968: Dynamic Duo

#1 Fl. Tommy Blake

#2 Fl. Orlando Spriggs

Fall 1968: Satan's Sidekicks

#1 Fl. Alvin Pindell

#2 Fl. Walter Freeman (R.I.P.)

#3 Fl. Clarence Askins

#4 Fl. Tony Jews,

#5 Fl. Thaddeus Ronnie McCray

#6 Fl. Emerson "Tick" Brown

#7 Fl. Earl Truxston

#8 Fl. Herbert Hardy

#9 Fl. Calvin Money

Spring 1969: Soul Survivor 

#0 Fl. Robert Linder

Spring 1971: Lucifer's Chosen Few 

Fl. Terry West (R.I.P.), Fl. Stuart Townsend, Fl. Norman A. Moore, & Fl. Ronald Peterson

Spring 1973:Articulate Six

Fl. Leonard "Shy" Edwards, Fl. Nathaniel Sampson, Fl. Larry "Rock"Williams (R.I.P.), Fl. Tyrone "Bert" Wheatly, Fl. Wayne Gibson (R.I.P.), & Fl. Marvin Gibson

Fall 1974: Osibisa 4 +1

Fl. Alexander “Gyp” Gibson, Dr. John A. Word, Sr., Fl. Gregory Freeman, Fl. Brian Freeman, & Fl. William Travers

Spring 1975: The Indomitable Man

#0 Fl. Sidney "SID" Gardner

Fall 1976: Brighter Side of Darkness

#1 Fl. George Earley G.K.A. Tasmanian Devil

#2 Fl. Gregory A. Jones G.K.A. Dr. Spock

Fall 1978: The Indomitable Man Part II

#0 Fl. Keith Williams

Spring 1980: The Lone Swanxman

#0 Dr. Michael S. Hughes G.K.A. Michael A King

Fall 1982: 3 the Hard Way

#1 Fl. Gary "Flavors" Stoner

#2 Fl. Donald McCollum

#3 Fl. Donald Sullivan

Fall 1983: Kayos -We Are One

Fl. Copplan Taylor, Fl. Garvyel Boze, Fl. Blaine Saddler, Fl. Frank Saunders, Fl. Michael Jordan, Fl. Vincent Hughes, & Fl. Bernard Douglas

The Bulldog One Chapter experienced a twenty-two year hiatus until Fellowman Clayton Witt, Fellowman JB Garner, and Fellowman Revelle Woolfolk reactivated the chapter in 2005 and the New Birth line came over into Groove Phi Land.


Spring 2005: New Birth

#1 Fl. Jason Smarr G.K.A. Determined

#2 Fl. Wendall C. Fuller, Sr. G.K.A. Soldier

Spring 2007: Impossible Is Nothing

#0 Fl. Maurice A. Berry G.K.A. Overnight Celebrity

Fall 2007: The Saga Continues... E Pluribus Unum

#0 Fl. Kyle J.T. Edwards G.K.A. Rubberband Man

Spring 2009: Defiance

#0 Fl. Michael Djangali G.K.A. Prince of Persia

Spring 2010: The InGlorious Bast3rds

#1 Fl. James A. Brooks G.K.A. Dark Knight

#2 Fl. Jason O. Brathwaite G.K.A. Speech Therapy

#3 Fl. Joel Waters G.K.A. Lumumba

 *Spring 2011: 2 The Hard Way*

#1 Fl. David Thompson G.K.A. Mouthy

#2 Fl. Kevin Reese G.K.A. Undertaker

Fall 2011: Ternion of Obscurantism 

#1 Fl. Brandon Bobian G.K.A. Major Pain

#2 Fl. Anthony Kiser, Jr. G.K.A. Blankman

#3 Fl. Oluwatobi Victor Owolabi G.K.A. Child Rebel Soldier

Spring 2012: Endothermic

#1 Fl. Samuel Elira, Sr. G.K.A. Houdini

#3 Fl. Steven L. Hutton G.K.A. Freak Nasty

 Spring 2013The Groovement

#1 Fl. Fred Obeng G.K.A. G-Phive

#3 Fl. Damien Odegbile G.K.A. Montana

#4 Fl. Aaron Smith G.K.A. Makaveli

 Fall 2013: The Divine Struggle

#1 Fl. Abdalla Elsayigh G.K.A. Black Panther

#2 Fl. Taylor Beckett G.K.A. Bane 

Fall 2014: P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E.

#2 Fl. Oumar Soumare G.K.A. Mansa Musa

#3 Fl. Telvin Stuart G.K.A. Intelligent Design

#4 Fl. Amara Kargbo G.K.A. P.A.I.N.

Spring 2015: The C.O.L.D. War

#1 Fl. Christopher Pride G.K.A. Hanniba1

#3 Fl. Herson Romero G.K.A. Guerrilla Warfar3

#4 Fl. Vincent Wood G.K.A. Bushido Br4wn 

 Fall 2015: Conspiracy

#1 Fl. Raphael Hughes G.K.A. G-Harden

#2 Fl. Johnathan Fuller G.K.A. Artificial Intelligence

#3 Fl.  Anthony Ayilola G.K.A. B.R.A.I.N.

#4 Fl. J.D. Tharpe III G.K.A. Predator

Spring 2016: Revival*

#0 Fl. Tyshawn McGee G.K.A. Ghandi

*Line conducted in conjunction with the Prince George's County Graduate Chapter*

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