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National History
roove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc. was founded at Morgan State College (now Morgan State University) on October 12, 1962 by fourteen daring young Black American men who felt the need to create an innovative organization to change the way we think about brotherhood. Thus, Groove Phi Groove was established.

Our Founders established the Fellowship with the purpose of promoting academic awareness, good ethical standards and unity among college and graduate men, to create intelligent and effective leadership, and to study and help alleviate the social and economic problems concerning society in order to improve the status of mankind.

In support of the Fellowship’s purpose, the Fellowship’s affiliate chapters and members are encouraged to aggressively support the programs identified in our National Community Service Manual, and the Groove Fund, Inc. which is the charitable arm of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc


The governing structure of the Fellowship is:

* The Conclave

* The National Constitution & Bylaws Manual

* The National Executive Board of Directors

* The National Directorate Staff

* Regional Offices

* Local Chapters

Why the"Groove" ?

  During the 1960’s, the word “Groove” was popular among young Blacks, while Webster’s Dictionary defines the verb “Groove” as “to perform deftly or smoothly.” As a noun, “Groove” is defined as a “fixed routine in the affairs of life.” Hence, to go against the “Groove” means to work in opposition to the current establishment, while Groovin is associated with “socializing or fellowshipping,” All of these combined definitions form the basic essence of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship Inc.

  What does "Phi" mean?


In Secrets of the Great Egyptians, Peter Thompkins tells us that the Khemit people of Ancient Egypt created "Phi" as a symbol of the creative function of the male reproductive system, and more loosely as "reproduction in endless series." It was a symbolic representation of "the fire of life." We adopted this symbol of fertility in our name to stand for our continual growth and development. Our "Phi" should in no way be confused with the Greek symbol "Phi," which takes on the same look but a totally different meaning.

In founding Groove Phi Groove, our 14 founders incorporated the prominent cultural and nationalistic ideologies and creeds of the Black Power Movement into an organization that was envisioned as a positive alternative to, and not as an antagonistic organization to, the established Black fraternal system; or as another Black fraternity without Greek nomenclature. We believe that original vision is continuing to manifest itself in various ways.

Our Founders chose to model the Fellowship after a fraternal order because it was this model that the unification of men and their ideas could most effectively be shared, discussed, understood, and relayed. With the advent of the Black Power Movement, Afrikan-Americans felt a newly rediscovered kindred connection with the greatness of our past and with their fellow man. With the knowledge that we once had been a great people, our Founders decided it was their duty to form an establishment that uplifted this newfound awareness; an establishment that worked to spread this knowledge to others, and an establishment that strived to use this knowledge to build a better future for our people. To avoid the pitfalls of many organizations that had come before it, and to those that would follow it, Groove felt it important to understand the past yet not dwell in it, for residence in the past creates a stagnating future.

13 out of 14 national founders 

National Founders

Fl. Glen Brown - Baltimore, MD
Fl. Raymond Clark - Plainfield, NJ
Fl. John Conquest - Yaphawk, NY(Deceased)
Fl. Walter Goodwin - Cleveland, OH
Fl. Barry Hampton - Baltimore, MD
Fl. James Hill - New Haven, CT
Fl. Charles Johnson - Baltimore, MD
Fl. Nathaniel Monroe - Baltimore, MD (Deceased)
Fl. David Nesbitt - Columbia, MD
Fl. Nathaniel Parham, Sr. - Columbia, MD
Fl. Harry Payne - (Deceased)
Fl. Barry Simms - Columbia, MD

Fl. Robert Simpson - Memphis, TN
Fl. Woodrow Williams - Baltimore, MD

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