Global Pynerian Evolutionary Organization


We're pioneers of freedom and prosperity for humanity.

They who are open-minded and have a good imagination will have fun in GPEO. We are comprised of unique individuals of all ages, from all over the world, from many walks of life.  

Members of GPEO interact in a Virtual Military Political World as if roll playing an alter-ego character of ourselves building upon our career and serving our cause in the GPEO. 

Our Strength lies not in numbers, but in our ability to adapt to various environments through creative critical thinking and having a good imagination. With good morals, a strong sense of training, teamwork and innovation, we achieve victorious outcomes on nearly all combat scenarios and on all battle fronts. 

We serve to maintain, defend and uphold the following qualities as our primary focus and mission in the VR-World: Freedom, humanity, life, discovery, education, innovation, responsibility, logic, rightness, justice, tolerance, equality, unity and prosperity. We aim to spread these qualities around the world, working to cultivate freedom through nourishment and enlightenment, while justly defeating powers of injustice. 
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The GPEO ‘Global Pioneers Elite Organization’ was founded on FSX in mid 2007 when a political scenario game called ‘THE-MAP’ interfered with the virtual world of FSX. 

THE MAP its self is basically a world atlas book that was used to mark the progress of each of the political players status in that virtual world. Each of the players marked their progress on a personal Note Book where technology, military units, borders, government projects, military plans, and cities were all drawn up or written. Each player had the ability to control from the perspective of a nation, military unit, corporation, soldier, civilian, etc. The list goes on. Each player could play the role of as many different characters as they could think of and manage.

THE MAP was basically turned into a role playing game that was invented out of a world atlas that could have lines drawn on for marking borders of new nations that would eventually develop independently. There were political governments, major corporations and new types of military forces to deal with in the ever changing virtual political world. New technologies and ideas were invented for the future of its various society's. Anything that can be thought of could be achieved in the virtual world ‘THE MAP’ using imagination.

A scenario similar to THE MAP was eventually used on FSX because the ability to stage air battles or operations anywhere on the earth is possible. With real weather, time and other settings, it made FSX the ideal platform for THE MAP.

The founder of THE MAP known at the time as ‘SkyDragon’ stumbled upon a Virtual Military Fleet on FSX known as the FSX-Fleet, and tried to contact it to see if they would like to participate in battles that took place on THE MAP. This group asked more about THE MAP, mistakenly thinking it was some sort of force on FSX. 

A misunderstanding between words eventually lead to the Fleet leaders thinking that THE MAP had challenged their force on FSX. SkyDragon was kicked from an FSX session hosted by FSXF and was told that THE MAP was now at war with the Fleet and that they were going to start planning tactical strikes on THE MAP home land. 

The confusion was terrible, but instead of backing down and ignoring them or surrendering to their ego without a fight, a challenge was on. Seeing an opportunity and a new idea to make a military force from THE MAP into a force in FSX, the GPEO Global Peace Enforcement Organization was founded on FSX. Of course, later, the name would be changed several times, but it has always been known as the GPEO. 

The GPEO was the place to go to be free of someone who rules another virtual group by fear of being banned or suspended for not approving or following petty laws and regulations, or if there were manipulative terms of agreements, lack of free speech with highly restricted or censored forums or sites and communication networks (like Team Speak), in any other virtual military organization. 

We are the place for military aviation enthusiasts looking for an organization to experience the excitement of military air operations, and to have the sense of a cause and duty while doing so.

Members of the GPEO

We care for the rights and Freedom of everyone and believe that one should have control and responsibility of their own actions. Over time we have added the libertarian ways with the GPEO Freedom loving pioneer spirit ideology of Independence. We always evolve to our surroundings, while continuing the aims and cause of Freedom to all in this organization. We don't like to push others around and don't like to be pushed around our self. We Live and let live. We defend ourselves our Freedom and our prosperity.

We have come to the realization that one who desires control over others has a hard time being in control of their self. Those who have self control are able to be free in a group that does not need to post petty rules to abide by, nor do they need to be under the control of others, or managed by rule enforcers. The individuals in our organization quickly learn to be mature enough to not abuse their freedom, and are adult enough to maintain tolerance of others.

The GPEO members have self control, tolerance, honor and good morals. We don't see the need to control other members because we expect them to be responsible enough to have control over their own behavior, and to be mature and tolerable toward others.

The ones believing GPEO must be under strict control, rules or regulations are the ones who can't control their self, so they leave to start their own groups. We know this because those demanding control are the ones who can't control their own emotional behavior, so they demand some sort of control in this group, wanting someone else to control them and others, which defeats the purpose of freedom and maturity. No one is to be ruled, manipulated or controlled as a person. We are responsible enough to control our own emotions and behavior with maturity. We are all Free Spirits.

Freedom for All, Freedom for Life