Gorehounds Unite!

The More Blood The Better


Feeling the pressure from Allied advance, Hitler unleashes his secret weapons. This film follows wayward soldiers during World War II in the European theatre as the O.S.S. sends them to investigate Hitler's arsenal of experiments.


 I wasnt sure what to make of this film the first time heard about it. Of course the logical way to go would be to compare this film to Dog Soldiers set in WWII. I have to admit as much as I love a good horror film, I also really enjoy a good War film.....unfortunatly they are not two genres that meld very easily. First theres the period restrictions which add a huge amount to the budget to make it feel like the time in history where it takes place, then theres also the fact that usually in any war film you have the added costs of weapons and a handler as well as explosives technicians who are licensed to do large scale explosions. And that isnt even touching on the fact that you also have to rent/buy period military equipment such as jeeps, tanks and whatnot.  So basically most horror films are done because they tend to be made for a pretty low budget....When you add in all extra cost setting it in a time period doesnt always make for the best of ideas to keep costs low. This being said I was still very interested to see if these filmmakers could make it work.

 As soon as I started the film I noticed that the production value and the look of the film was amazing! The fact thatthey had authentic looking uniforms and equipment as well as vehicles drew me in immediatly!

 The film basically plays out toward the end of the European theater of WWII towards the end of Hitlers reign.Hitler seeing defeat getting closer and closer decides it's time to use his secret weapons.....Werewolves and Zombies! Yes I said Werewolves and Zombies! So basically the film plays out with  a group of soldiers searching down the originator of these weapons a doctor by the name of Dr. Schaltur. This is pretty much the portion of the story that we see play out for the rest of the film.


 The film is a perfect blend of camp and played completly straight. It works to the films advantage in more was than one and put in the hands of any lesser director or group of actors and this would have been a complete mess. As it stands though the performances are far above that of most low budget genre fare.

 The effects in the film range from really good to just plain horrible. I found myself totally engrossed in the film and was slightly taken out of it when a battle scene that takes place in the middle of an old graveyard....The problem being is all of the Gravestone were made of styrofoam and cardboard and it was glaring. The gore effects are subtle and well done with none of the over the top arterial spray and grue weve become used to in this type of film. The creature Effects were top notch and convincing as the werewolve was one of the creepiest variations on that creature I've ever seen. The Zombies were your basic zombies but very toned down as far as the effects go which really sold the whole experimental super soldier theme.

 I am really curious as to how they were able to afford such stunning  and convincing CGI work on such a low budget. There was a particular scene in the film with 2 planes flying over a warzone and it was so convincing that I found myself saying "How did they get that footage!" but then in the worst of the CGI work they had the plane hit by a mortar shell and the soilders are forced to parachute down. This is where it was a matter of amazing CGI ruined by what seemed like a rushed effects of the soilders jumping out. The soilders were horribly rendered and took me out of the scene. Other than that though all effects were handled with the utmost care and it shows!

 All in all I must say that this is one of the most enjoyable genre films I've seen this year and I would love to see the idea expanded upon for a sequel or even a series of novels. It flows well and has the perfect blend of cheese and drama to the proceedings. I still am having a hard time figuring out how they made the forests in Ohio look so much like a warzone!

 Horror's Of War blends takes the best parts of Saving Private Ryan and Dog Soldiers, combines them together to become a kick ass, white knuckle trip of a movie that will keep you glued to the screen asking for more! I can honestly say that what they managed to do with their meager budget is nothing if not a miracle! This is hat making and watching movies are all about! Go get your copy on DVD now.....I promise you won't be dissapointed! The DVD releases on Nov. 6th and will be available everywhere including Best Buy, Tower.com,Amazon.com and more!

 Go to the official website for more info:  http://www.horrorsofwarmovie.com/



4 out of 5 Severed Heads!