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There are thousands of stories in Julington Creek.  This is one of them.  The names have been changed, to protect the guilty.  Note: A clue to this mystery is included in this story!


Friday, 24 October 2008, started out like every other day, except it was gray and wet.  Mom woke up, and went through her usual daily routine.  Wake the kids up.  Take the dog out.  Make breakfast.  Get the kids dressed.  Head out the door to get ________to school.

As Mom and the kids are walking out the door, Mom asks, "Is________ in his cage?"

Resounding a chorus of"YES!"  came from both girls.

All is well Mom thought, so off they went.   Gone for 3 hours, Mom got a coffee, enjoyed just running errands, sipping on her Starbucks.
Then Mom and little _______ arrive back home.   Mom slowly puts the key into the lock, and opens the kitchen door. 
She is stunned...the house is trashed...were the vandals still in the house?  Rice Krispies everywhere!
Mom's first thought, she will NEVER get them ALL up. She vacuumed, swept, straightened up the lamp, and still kept hearing crunching under her feet. 
Poor little  ___________ was following Mom, helping by picking up fists fulls of Rice Krispies.  Just then Mom noticed ________ jaws moving.  Little __________ innocently asks "Can I have a bowl and milk?"
Mom and little _________  crept through the house, following the debris trail of Rice Krispies...and whatever.  Mom was expecting to find the vandals still there.  She knew, the criminal returns to the scene of the crime.
She was SO right!   There he was!  All tuckered out, with a VERY full belly, after his 3 hours SEARCH & DESTROY mission.
Apparently, __________was NOT in his cage!!!
Mom had to take pictures to show _________ when she got home from school.  She could not wait to ask ______ again, "Did you put _______ in his cage?"   Mom knows _______ will dramatically say, "YES!"
But, AH-HA!, Mom had the evidence, and will show __________ EXHIBITS A-E!
Moral of the story:  The mom doesn't think she'll ever buy Rice Krispies again!  Also, NEVER believe what  
                         your kids tell you!

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