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Hi Karen,


Just a quick note to let you know that Zoey is now swimming regularly and no longer needs the treats to get her in the pool.

Yay! we have a real Water Dog!!


Thanks for all your help.


Kim & Jim

Boss & Zoey

Palm Coast, FL

Note: I knew she could do it!  She just needed a bit of help to get over her hesitation!  I'm so glad she's enjoying it!  Karen-






Where do I begin!  When we came to you with our “little” Bruski we weren’t quite sure what to expect, then we met you!!


We were impressed from the first “parents” only class and then when Bruski met you, he immediately knew he had a friend for life!!!  Every week he could hardly contain himself in the car once he figured out where he was going and who he was going to see, and I am sure that you remember well his speaking up throughout the entire class letting you know how he was feeling and making every attempt to make sure you knew he was there!


Throughout the months we saw marked improvement in his behavior.  Granted he did have a bit of an issue with talking while others were talking, but overall he was improving quickly!  When you suggested the backpack, I never thought he would wear it, but you assured us he would as you strapped it to his back!  HE LOVES HIS PACK!!!  If we so much as pick it up, he thinks it is time to go!


As you have written in your blogs Shelly, Bruski and I have relocated back up to RI, where I grew up, and we have continued working with him and helping his development.  He has come SO far from the first time that we brought him to class!  Upon arrival here in RI he met 2 new dogs (Teddy – Labradoodle, and Chewy – Mix) and they were instant pack mates!  They would play 9+ hours per day, taking breaks to nap together on the couch! 


Bruski has quickly adjusted to his new surroundings and is thriving in the colder weather!!  He goes bonkers when we go to the beach, I strap on the Rollerblades, we take him to the park at the lighthouse, the list goes on and on for his “Favorite Places”!  He truly just enjoys meeting new people and being the center of attention!!


We feel that we owe Bruski’s behavioral improvements to GOOD DOG!!  You single-handedly showed us the ropes to getting our fast growing Swissy under our control and you did it with true love and passion for Bruski!  More times than not, I think you were in cahoots with Bruski to train Shelly and I, instead of the other way around!!!


Karen, Shelly, Bruski and I Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for being who you are and for caring so much about what you do!!!  We truly wish that you were still close by so we could bring him back to some classes for a visit!!  You and he formed such a close bond that I am sure that 5 years from now, should you pass him on the street, you might get pounced on and licked until you were drenched!!!!  THANK YOU AGAIN AND IT WAS AN HONOR & PRIVILEGE TO ATTEND YOUR CLASSES!!!!!



Sean, Shelly & Mr. Bruski



PS: Bruski would like to say HELLO to all of his old Classmates from the Brawley’s Backyard Backpack Bunch!!!!!!  He misses playing with all of you!!!!!


Note:  Sean, thank you and Shelly for the kind words.  First of all, I want to congratulate both of you, on your good news.  Bruski will love having a baby around the house!  He was meant to grow up with kids!  As for "THE MAN!", I don't have to tell you how Bruski touched my heart from the minute I saw him.  Even though I did have to compete with him in class, he did make some valid points.  You should know, we all miss him, and his name pops up at all the Brawley's DOGGIE SOCIALS.  Bruski has become a legend.   I'm sorry you aren't around to pop into class now and then.  Oh, by the way, Gizmo, the little Shih Tzu, who was in Bruski's class dropped by Saturday morning and jumped right in.  He is doing so's obvious his people are working with him too.  He had a great time.  He even joined us after class, at the Brawley's DOGGIE SOCIAL.  I promise, the next time I "go home", seeing Bruski will be on my must-do list.  K-  10/17/08    GO RED SOX!!!

Thanks for the email guys! Hey Carol, where is that picture of Charlie snuggling up to you? I have been meaning to send you guys a note. Charlie is anxious to get back to work. Now that the weather is cooling off, we would like to do one more class then go for his CGC. I have not let him totally slack off, we still work a couple days a week on his obedience then go for a jog or bike ride which is his reward, he loves to run! Heeling the whole time of course.. Charlie and I have developed a special bond that I have never had with any other dog before, and I owe it all to you two. We can comunicate with voice,eyes, body position and hand signals. It's hard to believe he is the same dog that almost got kicked out of your class six months ago for his agressive behavior. I am lucky to have him in my pack. So, let me know when we can join another class. Sincerly, Gretchen Hansen & Charlie   9/26/08
Note:  Here it is Gretchen!  Whodda thunk!!!  We are so happy to hear you are pleased with Charlie's progress.  You deserve all the credit...GOOD DOG! just showed you how to do it.  We tell all our students, you will be surprised what you dog will do for you...all YOU have to do, is show them how.  We will all go out to celebrate, when Charlie earns his AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate.  We have "penciled" you in for next month.  Looking forward to working with you and Charlie again. 9/26/28
Kids are never too young to learn how to be ALPHA!
Two year old Olivia B., from Julington Creek, FL, teaching her dog Buddy, to "FOCUS!"
Annie and Jeannie just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for teaching them how to be good doggies!  They are continuing to make progress, especially when I tell them to stay.  Annie is very close to getting down for a treat.  She'll allow me to pull her legs forward and then she'll stay in the down position (for a few seconds!)  They both seem to be less agressive toward other animals including dogs, cats, ducks and geese while we take our evening walks.  Annie is even playing chase with Jeannie.  At three+ years old; I am so glad to finally see her actually playing.
I am making a $100 donation to Pet Rescue North in your name for all your assistance in their training.  Annie and Jeannie were rescued through their website, and Peggy has been so helpful on many occasions.
Thank you!
Marianne Winslow
Note:  Marianne, thank you for the generous gift.  We know PetRescue North can sure use it!  It was a pleasure working with you, your grandchildren Mary and John, and of course "THE GIRLS".  Annie and Jeannie have come a long way...keep up working with them, especially the socialization.  GOOD DOG! 6/26/08
Ms Karen ...
I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how delightful my schooling was, and how much I learned.   I am my Mother's constant pal...and behave myself so much better now that you have taught me my lessons!   It was a JOY to work with you.  You are Awesome...and Mother can not stop bragging about your Dog Whisperer skills to the populous. We hope to see you very’re the best ever!  
    Your favorite Nub-butt wagger...and pal,
Mikee "Awesome Aussie" Shepard Kemper
PS.  thank you for the treats...they are scruptious
NOTE;  Mikee, the pleasure was all mine!  It was fun watching you go through your goppy, giraffe stage, and turn into the handsome devil you are today.  It was a pleasure having you in my class.  You made all the other dogs feel like you were their "new best friend."  They will miss you...I know I will miss you, but look forward to when you are ready to go into the next stage of training.  If you think your "Mom" is impressed now, just wait until you show her what you can really do!  As we all know, Aussies are truly "AWESOME!"  Enjoy the earned them!
GOOD DOG! 6/1/08



May 30, 2008


This success story is long over due!   I think I’ve waited so long to write it because I’m still a bit

overwhelmed by the success of our dog, Buddy, the rescue Beagle, who we thought might be a

hopeless case!  I wasn’t sure how I’d ever put into words where he came from and where he is now!


Casually looking on we found “Buddy” a stray beagle who was found at I-10 and

Casset Avenue.  He had gentle eyes, just like our previous dog (Cooper) who we had lost to

cancer.  I had to go look at him.  He was the sweetest dog and I felt some odd magnetism

to him and those eyes, as if somehow when Cooper was on his way to heaven, he sent an

angel down to watch over his family. Needless to say, this angel, Buddy, was for us.


SO WE THOUGHT!  Buddy must’ve never lived in a home before. It was like he’d been

in a jungle and then had to live among civilized people!  We’d turn our back and he’d be

walking across our kitchen table. If you were sitting in a chair he’d suddenly just jump over

the back of it and land in your lap!  I even caught him standing in the KITCHEN SINK licking

plates! He was “sort of” potty trained.  We couldn’t give him access to the whole house without

us being present for fear he’d tear up something or hike his leg on the furniture.  These are

just a few of his “behavior issues”.  Sadly, the poor dog also had “emotional issues” too. 

He had clearly been abused.  Everything scared this poor helpless dog.  If we moved suddenly

he would cower and urinate.  If he heard a loud noise, he’d run with his tail tucked.  If we

raised our hand just to pick up something he’d tuck his tail and urinate.  It broke our hearts. 

Anytime my husband tried to give this dog affection the dog would urinate on my husband. 

That made Buddy a bit challenging for my husband to interact with.  On top of all of that,

after life on the streets and having to fend for himself, he was scared to death of other dogs.

You put all of this all together and it’s not a pretty picture.


This dog needed some help! There were MANY times I thought we were crazy for keeping

him, but there was no way I could turn this dog back to a rescue or foster care.  Why

would anyone adopt him if they knew of all of his “issues”?! It wouldn’t be fair to him,

and, on top of that our daughter, Sophie was in love with him!  We were committed to him.


Thanks to Karen, at GOOD DOG!, Buddy IS a new dog! At the first class with

GOOD DOG! Buddy was scared to death.  He watched from the side a lot with this

tail tucked and his eyes full of fear.  With each class he gradually warmed up to the

environment.  He learned some basic commands.  I was beginning to see some hope for

him AND us!  After a few more classes it occurred to me that life with Buddy was

no longer like having a flying squirrel in the house!  He was learning and he was becoming a

GOOD DOG!  It is very hard to summarize this transformation.  But it happened.  He’s not

perfect, but he is a completely different dog in many ways!


However, what myself, Sophie, and Karen really longed to see was Buddy “playing” with other

dogs.  His fear of other dogs made us nervous to take him on walks.  We hated it when another

dog would greet him and he would growl or try to snap at them if they got too close. Karen

encouraged Sophie and I to continue to bring Buddy to classes for socialization purposes. 

I thought she was nuts.  I thought he would growl at all the “nice” dogs and bite someone and then

I’ll feel horrible.  She promised that socialization was the only way he would get better. 

Guess what!?  She was right!  Gradually we saw him start to carry himself differently and even

wag has tail when he saw other dogs playing, but he still wouldn’t join in.  

Last fall, Buddy completed a 4th class and finally was “playing” with other dogs – PLAYING!

Buddy was playing!  It brought tears to my eyes to see this dog wagging his tail and being a

normal dog!  I wanted to give up on him so many times, but I just couldn’t. There was a

reason we had him and I knew he was meant for us.  


Now Buddy IS a GOOD DOG! and loves learning commands. Sophie enjoys working with him on a

daily basis. Karen always made our classes fun!  We cannot thank her enough for the transformation

we’ve seen with Buddy!  I recommend GOOD DOG! to everyone I see who has a dog dragging them

down the sidewalk!  There IS hope – if Buddy turned out okay, so can ANY other dog!!!


Thanks Karen!

Amy & Sophie Bolick – AND BUDDY

(& Brent…who no longer gets peed on!)


Note:  Thank you Amy for the credit with Buddy's transformation. 

Fact is, you, Sophie, and Buddy deserve the accolades, for all the

faith, commitment and hardwork you put into making Buddy see,

it's fun being a dog, even more fun, being a GOOD DOG!   The

day I met the three of you, all I saw was a dog afraid of the world,

and two people who loved him with all their hearts.  I knew Buddy was not going to be an over-night

success story, but I also saw the hope in your eyes, and determination in your voice, to help that sad,

quivering Beagle get a second chance for a safe, happy life. 

You and Sophie proved to me, you were commited to give it your best shot.  That is when I decided, 

so would GOOD DOG!  I would like to thank all the people who were in those classes

with Buddy.  Humans and dogs alike, saw Buddy needed their support and encouragement.  Everyone

two and four-legged, did their best, to show Buddy he was safe and among friends.  Buddy has won a

special place in my heart...Buddy is a GOOD DOG!

GOOD DOG! 5/31/08



Every dog owner owes it to their dog and themselves, to do this training.   UMA is happier and we are so proud of her!  We are confident wherever we take her; she will do what is asked of her.  This has been the BEST experience! 


Carol is a very knowledgeable and candid trainer.  If it’s not working, YOU are not listening!  Once that advice is put into place with practice, what a dream come true!


Thanks so much!

Pam, Jim H.  and “UMA” St. Augustine – Sunday, 18 May 2008

Note:  Thank you Pam & Jim!  GOOD DOG! loves hearing from clients who are happy with their dog's progress.  It cannot be done, without the commitment, dedication and hard work put forth by owner and dog.  GOOD DOG! gives you the tools to work with.  It is obvious from week to week, who uses them, and who doesn't.  Keep up the good work...UMA is not only a terrific student, and she is a very lucky dog!        GOOD DOG! -5/19/07



I haven't talked to you in a long time!

Just wanted to keep you updated.
Macsie can still do all her tricks.
Been really realllllly busy lately
haven't been able to do as much with her as i planned
but during the summer, that all will change.

She's getting really big too!
Almost the size of the German Shepherd
Oh and the German Shepherd is fine with people now.
She doesn't bark when we have guests anymore.
And she warms up to people really fast.
She's still terrible with other dogs though.
But recently, she became friends with this one dog
because when she threatened to attack it by barking and growling and bearing her teeth
it just sat there nonchalantly, so i guess it didn't pose a threat to her.

Macsie listens to me with ONE command.
If she's running off to meet another dog
if I tell her to stop and come back
she hesitates, but she comes within the second.
But if my mom or dad tries to command her
it sometimes takes longer
But yeah everything is fine here.
It's going well.

Bo Cherie - Palm Coast - Monday, 21 April 2008


NOTE:  Bo took it upon herself, to contact GOOD DOG! when she got Macsie.  Macsie, a Rottie-Chow, was only 4 months old, when Bo signed up for classes.  She worked training into her already very busy schedule between school, work and church.  Bo did a fantastic job, and created an incredible bond with her first, "my own dog".  What a team!

Bo, it's great hearing from you.  I am so happy to hear, you are continuing to work with Macsie...and that she is responding so well.  No question about it,  Macsie only wants to please you.  You have done a terrific job with deserve a pat on the back.  Keep up the good work.  Don't forget, you and Macsie are welcome to drop in on any Palm Coast class, when you have some spare time.  P.S.  Tell your dad he's welcome to join a class, when and if he's ready to train his Shepherd!  Keep in touch!

K-  4/21/08


Hi Karen,

I just wanted to thank you for teaching Bwana and I so much and to pay you a compliment. 

Today I took him to St. Augustine to meet an old friend from Jacksonville.  Naturally she loved him............but we went to a restaurant to eat and he was great.  Watched us eat and then laid down by my feet, and it was crowded. 

A few tables over there were two elderly couples and they kept looking over at us, so when they got up to leave all four of them came over to compliment me on having such a well behaved and beautiful dog.  They marveled at how good he was with all the other people and the server walking around etc.  I was so proud of him and just wanted to share the compliment with you.

Carol & Bwana - Palm Coast   3/26/08

Note: Carol, it was a pleasure working with you and Bwana.  Actually, Bwana was easier to train than you!  Just kiddin!  Truth is, he would not be the pleasure he is today, if it wasn't for all the effort you put into his training.  I'm looking forward to working with you again, in just a few days.  Thank you for the wonderful compliment, and your loyalty!  No question about it...BWANA IS A GOOD DOG!
K-   3/26/08

We got Billie on January 1, 2007 at about six weeks of age.  She was born in the mountains of Tennessee (described to me as a hill billie town) thus the name Billie.  They just picked her out of a bunch of litters of dogs and puppies that were outside without much human contact or caring that I can tell.  They said she climbed halfway up a mountain when they stopped to let her go to the bathroom.  Jason got her back, but even later when we got her whenever I took her outside she would run under the nearest bush and hide.

 She was so scared we kept her in the bathroom when not home, always with us when home.  She still was afraid of her own shadow.  She spent the first month or so totally under the bed, coming out only to steal toys and going back under.  She would not go outside on her own, I had to carry her out and then she would not move when I put her down on the ground.
She would only sit with something behind her to huddle against anywhere in or out of the house.
This went on for months.  I wanted to socialize her, but didn't know how if she wouldn't come out from under the bed.  Finally we lowered the bed to the floor so she would have no choice but to be out.

We still didn't see much improvement (and were still carrying her outside, went to the bathroom on the bed, never even came into the kitchen until she was about seven or eight months old).  Then we signed up for private lessons with Good Dog and things started changing. 
At first she wouldn't get out of the car and I didn't know whether to force her or carry her.  Carol Fredman explained to me the right way to assert my wishes to Billie without scaring her and build up her confidence at the same time.
After completion of puppy kindergarten, the help of a "Halti" (which Carol recommended), and a lot of getting used to new experiences she is a totally different dog.  She has learned to come out of the car, move around outside around people and dogs without as much fear.  We even went to the nursing home to visit my father in law (she was still timid, but she followed me and my commands).  She can sit, stay, come, shake and almost smile on command.  She still needs a little more fine tuning and more experience with things she is timid with, so we signed up for the basic obedience class coming up in January. 
Once Carol did say that it would be her dream to see Billie get over her fears and be a good happy dog and not a fear biter.  Well we have determined she is gentle and definitely not a biter, now we are getting closer to a more relaxed Billie who loves to play with other dogs and doesn't mind people that much.

We are very pleased with her progress and with Good Dog.  I hope this little history will help you.

Carol R.
Palm Coast, FL

Thank you Carol, for the kind words.  Due to all the trauma earlier in Billie's life, she
was a challenge.  We are glad to hear you are pleased with her progress.  She is a wonderful dog, and deserves to be happy.  Keep up the good work!