Don't have the time to train your dog? Going on vacation or a business trip?  Coming to St. Augustine for a visit and want to bring your dog? Want more for your dog than just boarding them in a kennel?   Ask about GOOD DOG! BED-n-BISCUITS - POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT, PUNISHMENT-FREE, IN-HOUSE TRAINING & BOARD PROGRAM!   Your dog becomes a member of our pack, in our home!  Whether it's boarding, obedience training or behavior modification and boarding, give us a call - 904 824-2079


"I cannot recommend GOOD DOG! highly enough. When we adopted our dog Cooper, he had been an abandoned dog who plainly needed some structure, socialization and training. We have been through three classes with Karen now, and she is simply the best. An authority in dog behavior,Karen provides clear and concise instruction on training. She also has a wealth of knowledge on recognizing and correcting problem behavior, and is amazingly patient and encouraging of both humans and canines in her classes. Thanks to her expert guidance, Cooper has become a well adjusted member of our pack. If you're considering training with your puppy or dog, GOOD DOG! is a terrific choice."  Jennifer S.


Thank you for helping me show my inner GOOD DOG! and for teaching my human how to work with me.  We'll practice lots, and see you when we're ready for the next phase! - Love, ArcherMan & Jennifer

The Pied Piper!

Puppy Kindergarten was so much fun! We really enjoyed learning the basics of dog obedience together. Karen's expert-tips and advice have been a valuable source of encouragement to us. Thank you for helping us get a great start raising our exuberant little Piper to be a Good Dog!!

Best Regards,  The Robinsons

Note:  Mindy, thank you for the updated pictures and kind words.  I truly enjoyed working with you and Piper!  She was so easy!  You both did a great job...which makes my job look easy!  Congrats on her AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Certification!  Piper, you are now officially a GOOD DOG! we're very proud of too!

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy!!

   Miss Karen,

I want to thank you for a great class with Daisy, our now six month old Cairn mix terrier puppy is walking well, sitting nicely and staying when we want her to stay put. Each member of the family has benefited from the training received and we now understand we were being trained more than our pup! She has just been following our lead.  Kelly T. - St. Johns, FL

Note: Kelly it was fun to work with you and your family.  It was obvious from the start, everyone wanted to help Ms. Daisy be all that she could be.  You're off to a good start.  Daisy loves to learn and to please her the rest is up to you.  Looking forward to seeing Daisy and her pack, in January...we'll pick up where we left off.  Karen-



I'd like to say THANK YOU for helping us with Lucy-Lu! She is so much better than the first day we brought her to dog school.

As you remember, Lucy was afraid of everything. I wish we had known about you when Lucy was an itty-bity puppy instead of 15 months old. We had some bad habits to break with her! She is now much happier around the house as are we.

She has a job now. Alex taught Lucy to bring his socks downstairs for him since she loved to play with them anyway. She also will bring towels to the washer, but she has to run thru the house with them first. LOL!

Thanks again!

                           Greg, Alison, Alex, Emily and Lucy-Lu

                           Julington Creek, FL

Note:  Thank you for the kind words Alison!  It was a pleasure working with you, your family and Lucy-Lu!  It will be a long time before I forget the panic in her eyes, as she slipped her collar and bolted on that first day of class.  She was one scared puppy!  There was sheer panic in her eyes.  The family deserves a ton of kudos, for understanding by diligently working with Lucy, you were going to make her a happier dog, plus, make life much easier for everyone.  I was so pleased to see the difference in her on graduation day, when she was so happy, even anxious, to meet and greet new people...a far cry from the nervous, little girl I met 6 weeks earlier.  Keep challenging her by finding new "jobs"...dogs love to work!    Karen- 9/11



Good morning. I just thought I would share what works with Boomer and the “aggressive biting/playing”.  I tried the technique on the back of your homework from Saturday.  When he starts that behavior, I let out a big “Ouch” and he immediately backs off.  He then proceeds to give me a million kisses.  Last night, after the kisses, he put his head on my shoulder and stayed there for the longest time.  He does not like the fact that he is hurting me, which makes me think he did not know he was hurting me.  So, thank you, as there is a very sweet side to our hound dog!!!

Have a great day!   Gena G. 

                               Jacksonville, FL

Note:  Gena, Boomer has come a long way from that snarling, snappy, angry pup that showed up for class a few weeks ago.  It's obvious he loves "doggie-be-good school" and all his new BFFs.  He's quick to learn.  I get a kick out of how much he progresses week-to-week.  He "ain't nothin but a hound dog," but he's sure darn cute and he does want to please you!  Keep up the good work...Boomer enjoys it too!   Karen-  4/11 

Judd, the Therapy Dog...Hard at Work!

Ladies, you are an incredible duo.  I honestly had given up on my Judd when I brought him to you.  I cannot believe the change in this canine.  He is playful and loving and for once not NEUROTIC!   THANK YOU!  You just made Judd into the dog of my dreams.  He is an amazing Therapy Dog and everyone loves him.  You are amazing and I will offer myself up as a reference, unsolicited, undiscounted and unpaid!  Seriously miracle workers!  That's Judd "on the job."  He loves what he does and he's awesome at it thanks to you ladies!

Suny B.
St. Augustine, FL

Note: Suny we truly enjoyed working with Judd.  He was ready to be a GOOD DOG!  He just needed a little direction.  Thank you for the kind words and the opportunity to give Judd the help he needed, before giving up on him.  We appreciate the fact you were willing to wait so long to start.  We want to give each dog that comes for in-house training all the attention they deserve.  We also love having him in our BED-n-BISCUITS Doggie Day Care Pack.  He loves it and has made a lot of great new friends.  Carol & Karen-  2/11


We were at our wits end with our crazy puppy named Murphy.  His nickname was The Master of Disaster, because he couldn't do anything gently.  It was all or nothing with Murphy, especially with bad behavior.  If he was doing something, he went all the way with it.  Murphy's Law soon became " anything that can go wrong, Murphy's already done it.  Bottom line was, Murphy was bad!  No matter how much we tried, we couldn't get through to Murphy what we expected out of him.  Our love alone wasn't enough to make Murphy a good dog.

Finally, I contacted GOOD DOG! and expressed our issues and they agreed to take him for their board and train program.  I was positive that they had met their match and would label him as un-trainable, as we had already.  Within a week of being there we heard from Carol, who had nothing but positive things to say about Murphy's progress.  We were shocked!  Somehow, Carol and Karen had gotten through to Murphy and he was doing fantastic!

We picked Murphy up and it's like a completely different dog.  Murphy has all the training ingrained in him now and all we have to do is tell him what we want from him and he does it.  He's so much better behaved since he has direction in his life.  He now wants to please us and seems content not being the one running the show.

GOOD DOG! gave us the tools and the knowledge we needed to make Murphy a well-mannered and valued member of our family.  They created a stress-free environment in our house, that has been missing since the day we first brought Murphy home.  GOOD DOG! gave us back a dog we want to be around all the time.  He's now a pleasure to live with, to take places and to play with.  The Master of Disaster is now officially a GOOD DOG!

Forever Grateful,
Kate and Charles
Kingsland, GA

PS:  Thanks to all the dogs and owners at Pomar Park, for welcoming Murphy into the pack.  Especially to Cash, who became a friend, role model and the best wrestling buddy Murphy could ever dream of.  We will be back to play.

Note:  I will never forget the look on Carol's face, as she muttered, "Karen needs to be more careful when she does in-take interviews.", when the "White Tornado", leaped out of your car!  However, once we got through that thick American Bulldog head of his, that life only gets better when you are a GOOD DOG!, he was a joy to work with.  Murphy is an exceptionally intelligent, affectionate and highly motivated dog.  He loved being challenged with learning something new everyday.  He would catch on amazingly fast, and thrived on praise.  The key to getting through to him was daily exercise, and lots of it.  For that, we thank Cash.  Murphy was a hit at Pomar Park dog park, both with dogs and their owners.  He changed many pre-conceived notions and myths about the American Bulldog.  It was bittersweet to watch him leave Saturday.  We miss him, but know he went home to people who adore him.  Murphy is a GOOD DOG!   We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with him,  so he could prove to you.  Murphy, we love and miss you!  There will always be a light on for you.   Carol & Karen-  4/26/10

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Tank was in the shelter, from running away from home, he did not get the training and attention this breed needs so much of. Now after his class with GOOD DOG!, he is almost a perfect gentleman!  Does what he is ask (whether he wants to or not), understands commands, and is still learning, (as I am).  The ladies of GOOD DOG! know their dogs, and behavior!!!!!  I learned a LOT!  as well as Tank.  I highly recommend this school.  I called and had an almost hour conversation with Karen, giving me ideas, advice, and just plain knowledge.  It's great learning, socializing, and getting a fearful dog used to odd things and the noise they make.  I was ready to give up, but tried professional training, now...
my 150 pound, 18 month old Tank (English Mastiff) is here to stay!
Fran H. and Tank H.  9/2/09
Palm Coast
Note:  Frances, when I first saw Tank, all I could think of was "Oh my Gawd!"  He's the biggest dog I have ever seen!  He was such a joy to work with...a little stubborn at times, but once he got "warmed up" he would do just fine.  I loved walking him.  It was like walking a major appliance.  I could just picture my coffee and donut on his back during a morning walk!  The way he moved, not a drop would spill!  A few times I thought we would have to put a mirror under his nose to see if it would fog up!  His picture should be next to the word "calm" in the dictionary.  I am so glad you are pleased with the results.  Keep working with the BIG GUY...he has a lot more to offer!   Karen-  9/2/09





"The end of April, I asked about training for a 9 wk old Old English Mastiff. GOOD DOG! got back to me quickly, and soon we began training. My pup (Cash) was getting bigger and stronger, and due to some physical problems I was afraid I couldn't handle him. So Cash got special in-house training...for 3-4 wks. He went in a little (?) maniac; he came out a gentleman. Cash and I still work with GOOD DOG! ... though now they're attempting to train me. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend these wonderful women of GOOD DOG! And a really cool and unexpected benefit ... we've become friends. Get that pup/dog to GOOD DOG! soon."


Linda I.

St. Augustine - 8/11/09


Note:  Linda, Thank you for the kind words.  Carol and I enjoyed every minute Cash spent with us!  He is goppy, he is goofy, he is loveable and he is smart!  Yes, now, the challenge is to get you trained!  Hard to believe he's only 6 months old now.  We cannot wait for Cash to grow into the magnificent gentle giant (all 200 lbs of him) he will be.  We miss him having him around...especially Pandora!  Cash is part of our pack!  He is welcome here any time...and you can come too!  Karen-  8/11/09


SNAKE PROOFING BWANA PAYS OFF!  AddThis Social Bookmark Button


Hi Karen,

I just had to write and tell you something.
This afternoon I had a birthday party for Bwana.  Well, we were all sitting around the table having coffee and cake when all of a sudden Bwana started to growl...........big deep growl.  Naturally I got up to see what was going on and then I saw it.  We have a full view door and Bwana was sitting in the middle of the foyer just staring out the door and doing his growl thing...........there was a snake on the front porch, just laying there.  It was a black snake so no big deal but man, did we praise him and tell him how good he was.  He didn't go near the door, just looked and growled.  I was so proud of him.
He had a great time at the party and got a bunch of new he needs them.  Gabby had a fun time too and played with all of Bwana's toys.  I took pictures and I'll send them to you after I download them.  But I just had to tell you our 'snake story'.
Carol M.
Palm Coast
Note:  Carol, thank you for the wonderful pictures of the birthday boy's party!  I don't have to tell you, Bwana is very special to me.  He is our first dog signed up for a Palm Coast class, and our first dog signed up for our first HELP SNAKE PROOF YOUR DOG WORKSHOP.  Looks like both paid off in spades!  He's an incredible dog!  Thank you for letting us know how succesful his training means a lot to us.  Kiss that birthday boy on his pipe olive nose for me!    Karen- 6/25/09



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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you.  We were lucky to fine someone so knowledgeable and helpful in the training of our Aussie puppies.  The short time we spent together we feel our dogs learned the basic of the kindergarten program and were able to fulfill the requirements for the Canine Good Citizen Program and we look forward to

working with you on their continued education.       
Pat Wells
Pamona Park
St. Augustine class

Note:  Pat, I really enjoyed working with you, Alice, Mississippi and Jackson.  I appreciate your commitment to these adorable pups.  We all know what a handful Aussies can be!  I look forward to our continued training, and going to one of your horse shows!   Congrats on the pups getting their AKC Canine Good Citizen certification!!!  They earned it!    Carol  6/14/08




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               Dear Karen-

Thank you!

For helping me become the "good dog" that I know I am!  Thank you for showing my owners "what to do and how to do it", so that I can be a happy and "social" member of the family!  Thank you! for teaching me how to be a gentleman!

Tail wags!

Newton P.

Julington Creek Class


Note: Newton, it was a pleasure having you in my class.  I know Deb and Bob had faith in you, and you did not disappoint them!  I believe you  superceded their expectations by leaps and bounds!  Looking forward to working with you again in the fall.  Keep up the good work!  Karen- 6/6/09


Dear Carol:
 We just want to say again how much we've gotten out of the course with you!!  You are a great teacher and gave us so many tips other than just the training.  On a scale of 1-10, you are a "10"!  Lance is doing great and will continue to do better as he grows and matures as long as we go back and review our homework with him.  We would definitely recommend this for EVERYONE who has a dog, not just a puppy, but any dog which has not had consistent and kind training before.  That is your specialty, even if your dog is hard to train or stubborn, you are like the female version of the Dog Whisperer!, only better because we see you in person, not just watch TV.  WE will miss our weekly trainings when this is over, but will be sure to come again in the spring when Lance is almost a year old.  Until then, Thank you again Carol and GOOD DOG! training!!
Bye for now and God bless,  Sue, Cam and Lance - St. Augustine, FL
NOTE: Thank you!  I am so glad you enjoyed your time with GOOD DOG!  Our objective is to create "the bond of a lifetime."  We did have a terrific class!  Lance is great!  He was fun to work with...but you will have to keep on him.  As you well know, Jackies are a handful!  Looking forward to working with you again...Spring will be here before we know it!  Carol-

GOOD DOG! Puppy Kindergarten -

Carol Fredman, Instructor AddThis Social Bookmark Button

After choosing our puppy, we elected to seek expertise advise in training �Tar�  in a positive setting. We enrolled in Good Dog Puppy Kindergarten and were fortunate to have Carol Fredman as �Tar�s� instructor. 

Carol  has shared a wealth of information and bonded immediately with �Tar�.  We look forward to school each week knowing we will be learning as we play. 

Our experience with Carol has been fantastic!   Tar is anxious and eager to work for Carol in any given situation.  Carol�s positive approach in training has been a joy for all of us.

Butch & Linda Bennet - St. Augustine

Note:  Thank you Butch & Linda!  It's always rewarding to work with people who take training seriously; yet understand how vitally important it is, that their puppies NEED to have fun too.  We look forward to seeing you and Tar again soon.   She is well on her way to being a GOOD DOG!  Keep up the good work!

Why I am so enthusiastic about GOOD DOG!'s Puppy Kindergarten!

GOOD DOG! Puppy Kindergarten under the direction and instruction of certified dog trainer Carol Fredman, has been  a wonderful and rewarding experience.  My husband and I brought our two little Shih Tzu puppies who are stubborn and have minds of their own.  At the end of the first week, these same two little guys were sitting quietly by our sides.  Nothing short of a miracle.  By the end of the 7 weeks, they can sit, stay and  come when called.

Another young dog in the class (she is 1-1/2) was all over the place.  Her mistress was an older woman, and had no control over the dog.  The dog was quite friendly however.  By the end of the last lesson, Mia was not only comfortable walking on a leash,. but could sit, come, stay and lie down.  Again, nothing short of a miracle.

I have witnessed with my own eyes Carol's amazing work with very difficult dogs as well.  She could train a wolf!!

Carol is personable and friendly with her human clients too!  She trains us as well as the dogs in a patient, punishment free method of training man's best friend.

I fully intend to re-up with the next level of training classes with Carol Fredman.  I feel that both my puppies and I have found a new friend.

Sharon and Jack Cox - Palm Coast, FL

NOTE:  Thank you Sharon and Jack for the kind words.  I really enjoyed watching the progress of Wicket and Abel.  Keep up the good work.  I look forward to working with all of you again soon.  Carol F.