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Our 5th Annual Santa Paws Party!

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To show our appreciation to our students, guests, friends and their dogs, we cordially invite them to join us for our 5th Annual Santa Paws Party!  


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We just realized, it was five years ago yesterday, GOOD DOG! DOG TRAINING held its first class.  It was on Anastasia Island and we had 8 dogs in that group.  We guestimate since then, we have group, privately and/or trained or boarded give or take 8,000 dogs from all over the country!

We have had the opportunity and pleasure of meeting the most caring and interesting people.  We have enjoyed working with incredible dogs of all ages, breeds; a few with some rather interesting and unusual issues!!  

Carol and I have shared a gamut of emotions with our GOOD DOG! family.  We have laughed with you and we've cried with you.  We have shared the excitement and joys of new puppies and the thrill of watching them grow into magnificent creatures.


Sadly, in a few cases, we have also shared the pain and loss of canine best friends.  

We'd like to thank all our alumni, students and their human families, for their trust and loyalty.  We appreciate and cherish the friendships and wonderful memories we have gained through GOOD DOG!...and we look forward creating thousands more in the next 5 years.

Thank you!

Carol & Karen-

Edward - An Amazing Shelter Dog!

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  Every now and then, we get to work with a dog that has been adopted from a shelter that totally blows us away.  Edward is one of them!  He has shown his gratitude to his new family, by giving them back more than they ever expected from him.  This amazing Border Collie mix, not only topped his Puppy Kindergarten and Basic Obedience classes, he earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen certification without blinking an eye.  It was obvious his family gave him the commitment of time and energy to work with him.  Edward, it was a pleasure to meet and work with you.  You are amazing and we are so happy to call you a GOOD DOG! alumni.    Karen-

Tips Joins the Pack!

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It took about a week, for Tips, a young, female Pit Bull, to see what she was missing out on.  Tips, who adores people, but is nervous around other dogs, came to us for help.  It was dicey at first!  We decided the only way it was going to work, was to isolate her, but let her see the others.  It took a week for her to stop lunging and growling every time she saw them.  Our objective was for her to associate her behavior was what was keeping her from having fun with them.


Well, Saturday was the day of reckoning!  When she stopped her drama queen act, we let Tips out with Maggie and Chloe, two large but very patient dogs, with wonderful personalities.  They let her know right from the get-go, they were not tea and crumpet types of ladies...they were beer and pretzel kind of gals, so with that made clear, if she wanted to join them, she was welcomed.

It went off without a hitch...Tips jumped in and the three of them had a great afternoon romping and tumbling!


The other plus, since her "attitude adjustment,"  Tips has earned the privilege of the run of the house.  She loves it!

Thanks girls!  Chloe, Maggie, we could not have done it without you!

Santa Paws Party Was Incredible!

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    Once again, our students, alumni and dog park friends, made GOOD DOG!'S 3rd ANNUAL SANTA PAWS PARTY a smashing success!


It was a busy day!  Between planning and hosting the party and being busy at BED-n-BISCUITS, it was quite the juggling act...but worth every second.

We could not have asked for more perfect weather.  There was plenty of food for our human guests. As usual, Santa Paws brought neat gifts for the dogs.  Needless to say, the dogs had no problem making their own fun.  They had a wonderful chance to see old their old friends and make new ones.

No doubt, there was plenty of snoring in those cars as they headed home! 

We want to thank everyone who helped.  Special thanks to Eric K. and Maureen O. for the video and photos. That was very thoughtful of you.

We'd also like to thank everyone who attended.  We had a terrific year, it was busy, but also lots of fun and filled with fond memories...thank you!  It would not have happened without you.

Carol and I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2011



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It's that time of year, when GOOD DOG! - DOG TRAINING shows their appreciation to their students and alumni, by hosting our 3rd Annual Santa Paws Party!

The Santa Paws Party will be at the dog park at Joseph Pomar Park, 1600 Masters Dr., St. Augustine, on Saturday, 4 December, from 2-5 pm.

There will be refreshments, gifts from Santa Paws for the poochies and plenty of dog park fun for the dogs!

We would like to say a fond good-bye to two of our alumni.  Zoe, we hope you like it in Virginia...we miss you here!  BellaMonster, if you do move to DC, straighten them all out!  You will be missed, you little monster!

Thank you all for making this a fantastic year of wonderful experiences and memories.  You are all GOOD DOGS!

Carol and Karen-

Murphy, "The Master of Disaster" Goes Home!

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   Yesterday was a bittersweet day for us.  Murphy, formerly known as, "The Master of Disaster", went home to Georgia.

Back in February, we received a somewhat desperate e-mail from a young couple in Georgia, asking if we could help them with their "Master of Disaster."   Murphy, a rather rambunctious 9- month old American Bulldog, was growing bigger by the minute, and was totally out of control.  Things were so bad, they did not enjoy being around him.

We informed them that regrettably, we could not take him for another month...however, if they could hold on that long, we would be more than happy to take Murphy for our 28 day in-house training program.  That was fine by them!

A month later, they pulled up in front of our place, and out of the car leaped a "white tornado!"   Carol took one look at him, shook her head, and muttered, "Karen has to be more careful when she does the in-take interviews!"

At first, Murphy was more than a handful!  He was the proverbial "Bull in a china shop." He was so accustomed to getting his own way; he was stunned when he learned life has boundaries!  However, inside that bundle of energy, was a loving, sensitive, extremely affectionate, loyal and highly intelligent dog.  Once we got through to him that he was not in charge, and got his focus, it did not take long for him to associate by changing his behavior his life got more interesting.  He soon figured out, learning new things is actually fun.

Well, to make a long story short, yesterday, Charles, Kate and Gabby, their other dog, came to pick Murphy up.  Needless to say, Murphy was happy to see his family.  He did a bit of showing off, as Carol worked him through commands.  His owners were stunned...they could not believe Murphy has that much self-control.

Before he headed back to Georgia, we made one last trip to the dog park, so he could say good-bye to his buddies, Cash and Jack.  Something was a bit off.  It was almost like the boys knew today is different.  Eventually, they got into their normal routine.  Then, it was time to go.

Without a second thought, Murphy headed for our van.  I told him, "No Murph, not anymore.  It's time for you to go home."    With that said, I watched as he joined his family, and they walked to their car.

It was sad to watch him walk away.  There is no question we will miss him.  Murphy endeared himself to everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him.   He is a wonderful ambassador, for the American Bulldog breed.  After meeting Murphy, we received numerous comments from people basically saying, "I never knew they made such great pets!"

Murphy knows what it takes to be a GOOD DOG!   From now on, it's up to Charles and Kate to work with him, to keep him on track.

Last night, we received an e-mail from Kate.  We know our job is done.  They put on a show for their neighbors when they got home.  Murphy didn't disappoint them.  She also said their cats were confused...nothing they tried worked...he wouldn't chase them around the house!  But the best part for us is her statement,  "I am so thrilled with our new Murphy, I just want to be near him."

Getting Ready for Santa Paws

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Well, we made it through another year!  We have met more wonderful people and the most incredible dogs! 

This must have been GOOD DOG!'s Year of the Mastiffs!!   We had 4!!  They ranged in age from Cash, who was 8 weeks old when he joined us, to Tank, who was about a year old.  Inbetween were Doyle and Maggie!  Mastiffs are such magnificent animals...they live up to their title of "Gentle Giants!"

Maggie, came all the way from Orlando, to stay with us for a few weeks!  She is a 6-month old  Service-Dog-In-Training.  Cash, is with us so much, he's part of our pack!  No hesitation with our "big guy."  He walks into our house as if it's his!  The amusing thing is, they were both with us last was like having baby elephants in the house!  Other than the fact they took up so much space, you hardly knew they were there!  They instantly bonded and watching them together was a learning experience.  The best part, they could play together like a couple of Mastiff pups, yet, they were so gentle and affectionate toward each other it was heartwarming!  We know they will miss eaqh other...but Morgan and Jim, promised they will bring Maggie back as much as possible, so she can stay in touch with Cash and her new doggie park friends.

      Maggie went home to Orlando Saturday, and Cash went home last night.  We miss both of them! 

DAYUM!  Our house seems so much bigger now, even though we still have 14-week old Tally, a sweet GoldenDoodle from Ponte Vedre and Zoe, a very lucky, affectionate, little Boxer/Pug mix, who was rescued from Death Row by S.A.F.E, and was adopted by a loving couple from Julington Creek who gave her a forever home!

To show our appreciation to all our students and alumni, we will be hosting GOOD DOG's 2nd Annual Santa Paws Party, from 2-5 pm, Sunday, 6 December.  There will be refreshments, gifts from Santa Paws and lots of doggie park fun at the dog park in Pomar Park, 1600 Masters Drive, in St. Augustine.

Carol and I would like to thank everyone!  It was our pleasure and a lot of fun, working with you and your dog(s) this year. We are grateful that so many of you are joining us again next year, to continue training.

To Train Your Dog or Modify Their Behavior Make It Fun!

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Having problems training or modifying your dog's behavior?


GOOD DOG! believes to successfully train your dog or modify their behavior, the trick is to make it fun! 

It works for humans the Swedish have proven.  To see how fun makes behaviors this link!

Now, go get creative...have fun working with your dog...and see how their behavior changes!


St. Augustine Humane Society to Reopen

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Well, the word is out!  The St. Augustine Humane Society is planning to reopen in a few weeks.

There has been a lot of buzz from dog park patrons and from many of our students, if things will be better, or will it be more of the same? 

The greatest concern appears to be how tight-lipped the new management is about whether or not it will be a "no kill" shelter.  The doors haven't even opened yet, and already there are inner sanctum secrets!

Granted, times are rough right now.  It won't be long, before the new shelter will be "busting at the seams" with surrendered and abandoned animals.  Hopefully, the facility's educational programs will help people understand and appreciate the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.  Convenient off-site adoption opportunities should also help reduce the census.

The success of the new shelter will depend on how the new management treat their volunteers, sponsors and patrons.  In the past, it was shameful!

GOOD DOG! believes some of the "new" people who will be handling the day-to-day operations have the greatest of intentions.  Unfortunately, there are also a few of the "old guard" who were a serious part of the demise of the previous shelter, still hanging on.  We can only hope they have seen what their old ways have done, and that they are willing to ease up on their white knuckled need for control and power.

We are optimistic the facility will soon be a stellar example of how a well-run shelter can admirably serve a community that has been embarrassed for too many years, by how badly they treated their unwanted pets.

GOOD DOG! will reserve judgement for the time being.  We can only hope the good residents of this town will never allow what happened, to ever happen again.  St. Augustine touts itself for tourist reasons, on being a dog friendly town.  Why not set the example by starting with our own dogs!

So, if you are looking to add a new furry member to your family, adopt one from the soon-to-open St. Augustine Humane Society.  Think of the difference YOU can make in a dog's life!