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GOOD 4 U 英語學習中心自2001年創校以來,一直為學生提供與時並進的英語學習環境,讓學生能在有趣互動的環境中學習英語,同時培養學生的品德修養。




  • 協作能力
  • 溝通技巧
  • 創意思維
  • 批判性思考
  • 解難能力
  • 自理能力



GOOD 4 U opened its door in 2001, and ever since, we have continuously fashioned an inspiring, fun-loving learning atmosphere to develop the generic skills of our students, whilst also instilling acceptable social values and attitudes.

Through the implementation of our uniquely designed courses, with class sizes at a maximum of 6 students, our professional native English speaking teachers, and the commitment to meet the needs of our students, we aim not only to develop our students' English language skills, but also to enrich and develop:

- collaboration skills

- communication skills

- creative thinking skills

- critical thinking skills

- problem solving skills

- study-/self-management skills

In addition, as an on-going process, we strive to encourage a sense of responsibility, perseverance, eagerness to learn, commitment to the task and respect for others.


@ GOOD 4 U 开开心心學英語 !

Have Fun Learning English @ GOOD 4 U !