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 GOLDEN COMICS combines great comics adventure with literary games to create classic content for contemporary audiences. The short, "done-in-one" stories with a related word game sheet offers appealing, all-ages content for educational or commercial publishing. Visit our SYNDICATION page to find out how GOLDEN COMICS can help you sell advertising. Visit our COMICS CURRICULUM page for FREE lesson plans on how to teach graphic novel creation - from writing to illustrating, this program will spark an interest in reading, writing and visual storytelling. Be sure to visit the ANSWER KEYS page to find out the answers to the word games following the comics.

GOLDEN COMICS carries a line of MERCHANDISE related to our comics, if you are shopping for someone else, these make great prizes, gifts or incentives for classes participating in our FREE COMICS CURRICULUM.

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Golden Comics does rigourous research to identify PUBLIC DOMAIN characters. If any copyrights or trademarks remain that are hidden from public record or otherwise unknown to  the creators of Golden Comics, please write to us with proof of copyright or trademark  and we will remove those characters from our site and discontinue developing them for publication. The creators of Golden Comics fully respect any and all copyrights and trademarks and wish to comply with the law regarding these.

Golden Comics and its creators do not knowingly develop or publish copyrighted or trademarked characters. All the previously published Golden Age Comics characters that appear in Golden Comics are believed to be in the Public Domain.

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