TWMAHOF Established in 1979

The Original Martial Arts Hall of Fame

TWMMAHOF Headfamilies, Headfounders, Grandmasters and Sokeship Council

The World Multi-Martial Arts Hall Of Fame, Sports Medicine Hall of Fame

The All Multi-Martial Arts Actors Motion Pictures Academy and Museum

The World Multi Martial Arts Hall of Fame is considered to be the grandfather of martial art halls of fame, and has been in existence since 1979. As you can see on the website, over the years it has inducted only the best of the best into its organization.


Each year, The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, offers an opportunity to the public, readers, instructors, parents, children, whether or not they are martial artist who contribute unselfishly to the growth of the Martial Arts. Nomination ballots are sent out all over the world to nominate someone, or as many choices that they so feel deserve the honor and recognition. This worldwide organization was formed for the purpose of bestowing recognition worldwide to those who make outstanding contributions, dedication and consistently demonstrate excellence, and unselfishly promote the growth and prestige of the Martial Arts Way, and have given something back to their communities and the world that they have dedicated their lives to.

We recognize those Students, Instructors, Masters and Grandmasters who have gone before us, and whose lives have enriched and paved the way for others to excel while maintaining the highest integrity and honor for the martial arts and its future. Many contribute and strive on always forward without any recognition or asking for any means of gratuity for their sacrifices. Our purpose is to give that recognition and honor to those who have traveled the path and never take time out to honor themselves. Our honoree candidates are selected by ballots sent in by families, friends, instructors, and students who feel the these dedicated individuals be given recognition for their dedication and contributions for the growth of the Martial Arts. And for the discipline that has enriched the lives of others.

Favoritism, Politics, Origin, Race, Creed and Color do not enter into the selection of an honoree. Candidates are closely screened and carefully selected by their individual accomplishment and achievements in their field of expertise. Martial Artist come from different walks of life and practice varied styles and systems. However, one thing remains the same; we all seem to share the love for the Martial Arts way.

Mission Statement:

It is the mission of this organization to recognize and support positive martial artists throughout the world. Martial arts should be a part of the backbone of the educational system and should be given respect and support from the community. Martial artists historically have protected those who were unable to protect themselves. This organization is determined to keep those ideas alive and to perpetuate the philosophy of helping the weak overcome their weaknesses and develop into strong healthy citizens. To create a unity of qualified martial artists and instructors of the martial arts and to promote friendship and unity among such members. To promote and advance individual members who are active in the study of the martial arts upon evidence being shown of their skill, dedication, strong mind, body and spirit through a serious study of the martial arts. To license, issue rank and register qualified Black Belt members and Martial Art Schools so that they may progress and receive the respect and recognition they deserve for their dedicated service. To establish a Founder/Sokeship Council with a specific duty to recognize those who have dedicated their lives to developing a style or RYU after lengthy study and preparation to carry on the art and there being no one else capable of such duty. To create an organization of support for the teaching and understanding of the Martial Arts, we do hereby establish The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Code of Ethics:

1. Members of this organization are expected to obey all laws, rules and regulations pertaining to professionalism in conduct and general behavior.

2. Members will conduct themselves with respect to others (regardless of rank, title or other martial status) in such a way as to reflect the highest standards of respect, professionalism, honesty and integrity, which is the essence of martial courtesy toward others.

3. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a highly professional manner by putting aside personal differences and working together as a team for the overall betterment of the organization.

4. Members will protect the confidentiality of any and all sensitive information or material regarding the business affairs and discussions within this organization, to include The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, The World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame, The World Martial Arts Junior Hall of Fame, The World College of Martial Science and The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Sokeship Council.

5. Members are expected to conduct themselves inside and outside of this organization in such a manner as not to bring discredit or disgrace upon the president, its members or the organization itself.

6. Sexual harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated within this organization.

7. Members will not commit or engage in any unlawful acts to include, but not limited to: drug or alcohol abuse, manufacture of illegal drugs and/or controlled substances, child or spouse abuse, theft.

8. To avoid "Conflict of Interest" issues, members, to include executive officers, must get written permission from the president before considering joining another martial art organization (Board of Directors or Executive Committees).

9. No member of this organization will use for advertisement, promotion or marketing any logo, trademark or copyrighted material under this organization for personal profit, recognition or gain, unless given the written consent and approval of the President.

10. Any member who is disciplined or expelled from this organization, has the right to appeal to the Board of Directors of The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

This Code of Ethics identifies the basic principles of conduct that this organization believes to be fundamental to the conduct of a member, but is limited and does not address every ethical situation or dilemma that a member may encounter. Members that are unsure about the proper action to be taken in any particular situation are encouraged to consult with a member of the Board of Directors.

With many years of prestige and recognition, TWMMAHOF has made a name for itself throughout the martial arts industry. Many prominent martial artists have been promoted and/or supported by TWMMAHOF and as a result have seen success in their individual businesses and practices beyond their hopes. With either rank, a title, or induction presented to a martial artist through TWMMAHOF, that martial artist is given a solid advantage in their life, both personally and professionally. Also, TWMMAHOF is not focused on only one aspect of the martial arts industry. We support all aspects that in turn promote martial arts. In addition to recognizing martial artists themselves, we also recognize historical aspects, sports medicine, participants in the music and film industries, and non-martial artists who are important contributors to the martial arts advancement as a whole. TWMMAHOF is more focused on the advancement of all martial arts and less focused on only one individual aspect of martial arts.

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