Fource G was created by a small group of enthusiastic riders just out to have fun. Please take time to browse the images and videos archives, please note that some of the videos will be slow and take time to load. If you have any thing to say about the pictures or videos please leave a comment under them.

 We also have a link to Monkeyspoon which is a great website created by some of the older (not old though )  members of the Hope Valley mountain biking community. For those of you who don't know, Monkeyspoon is another MTB site that has inspired us to make our own site. We owe them a lot for giving us confidence and advice (there sites a bit of a beast too because Jeffs being pimping it up). Anyway, have fun

P.S: If your after some bicycle bits 'n' bobs then chainreactioncycles is the place to go. Have a look around and you'll soon find what your looking for.Here's a link for it:

Recently I have had a week off school so i've made some big adjustments to the site including some videos, a Win Hill section and i am still developing some more articles to other good riding places. can we please cut down on the slang as well, othewise the posts you make in slang will be removed unless for a really good reason, so in other words NO slang! Also no bad language as well, it makes the site look bad and will get us no where.

All conversations to be held in the blog please, the guestbook is for first time use and comments on what you thought of the site. Thanks, Ed