Greater Manchester Home Education Network


Manchester And District Communication Of What's on.

MADCOW is the on-line events and contacts group for the home education community in and around Manchester.   It was created almost a decade ago, in paper format, by two local Mums who saw the need for a newsletter that informed local home educators of the regular events in the area.  As the community grew and the internet became more widely spread, the newsletter evolved into an electronic format and evolved again to become much more than a simple on-line calendar of events.  Today, MADCOW exists as a lively on-line forum where local home educators can plan activities, meetings, get togethers and events; share news and ideas but most importantly, as a platform for offering immediate mutual support.

Due to the nature of this group, the discussion of personal details, dates and venues is unavoidable.  Therefore, we have the highest security setting.  This means that our group does not have a viewable homepage.  Membership is by invitation only.  We maintain a strict criteria for membership, please see below.  Requests for invitations should be made to the list owners via address at the bottom of this page.  

Who this group is for.

This group is for families from the area who are established home educators (this includes the welcome experience of veteran home educators) and for potential home educators only.

Who this group is NOT for.

The following persons are not eligible for membership (the following list is not exhaustive):

Employees of local authority education departments
Employees of Social Services

Or anyone else not a parent of a child who is or is considering home education.

If you are in any doubt please contact the list owners before applying for membership.

Thank you.

MADCOW List owners