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Irish rock band from Dublin formed in 1976. 

Participations: 4
Representing: Ireland
Best result: 16th

05. City of blinding lights / 16th place
11. Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me / DNQ
22. Sweetest thing / DNQ
41. Numb / DNQ

  Udo Mechels

Belgian singer born 1976 in Brussels, Belgium.

Participations: 1
Representing: Luxembourg
Best result: 15th

108. Broken smile / 15th place - with SIL

  Uku Suviste

Estonian singer born 1982 in Tallinn, Estonia.

Participations: 3
Representing: Estonia
Best result: 11th

53. Ma ei mõista sing sõnadeg / DNQ - with Janne Saar
65. Show me the love / 11th place
76. Jagatud öö / 26th place

  Úlfur Úlfur

Icelandic band.

Participations: 1
Representing: Iceland
Best result: DNQ

77. Ég a farinn / DNQ


British electronic music group formed 2002 in Liverpool, England.

Participations: 1
Representing: United Kingdom
Best result: 11th

25. Sure feels good / 11th place - with Darren Styles


Finnish pop group formed in the late 90's. 

Participations: 1
Representing: Finland
Best result: 14th

06. Suudelma / 14th place


Laotian pop group.

Participations: 1
Representing: Laos
Best result: DNQ

52. Hak gan leo / DNQ

  Ulviyye Agayeva

Azerbaijani singer.

Participations: 1
Representing: Azerbaijan
Best result: 11th

41. Follow my heart / 11th place - with Alim Qasimov

   The Underdog Project

German-Canadian house music group formed 2000 in Hamburg, Germany.

Participations: 1
Representing: Germany
Best result: 13th

25. Saturday night / 13th place


German band formed 2000.

Participations: 2
Representing: Germany (1) and Liechtenstein (1)
Best result: 14th

55. Geboren um zu leben / 14th place
78. Endlich frei / 27th place - with Sarah Pisek


Hungarian electro-pop band formed 1999.

Participations: 1
Representing: Hungary
Best result: 14th

47. Fekete feher / 14th place

  Urban Symphony

Estonian music group formed 2007, disbanded 2010.

Participations: 1
Representing: Estonia
Best result: Bronze Medal

45. Päikese poole / Bronze medal

  Urban Trad 

Belgian folk music group formed in 2000.

Participations: 2
Representing: Luxembourg (1) and Belgium (1)
Best result: DNQ

15. Kerua / DNF
30. Rap-a-doo / DNQ

  Urszula Dudziak

Polish jazz singer born 1943 in Straconka, Poland.

Participations: 1
Representing: Poland
Best result: DNQ

107. Papaya / DNQ

  Usama Siddiq

Pakistani singer-songwriter.

Participations: 1
Representing: Pakistan
Best result: DNQ

116. My only crime / DNQ


American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor born 1978 in Dallas, Texas, United States.

Participations: 2
Representing: United States (1) and Canada* (1)
Best result: Silver Medal

61. Somebody to love / DNQ - with Justin Bieber
82. Numb / Silver medal

  Utada Hikaru

Japanese singer-songwriter, arranger and producer born 1983.

Participations: 1
Representing: Japan
Best result: 21st

16. Simple and clean / 21st place

  Uusi Fantasia

Finnish electronic music band.

Participations: 1
Representing: Finland
Best result: DNQ

60. Liian myöhään / DNQ - with Freeman

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