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Margaret Jiang


Hi guys!

Hope you are all having good holidays. After the break there will be (sadly) just two more meetings. Remember to bring your $10 for your philosophy club t-shirts on the 10th. You will be getting them on the 17th (last meeting). The topics have yet to be decided... maybe a last movie? Hope you enjoyed our last discussion on LOVE. Debate Club will be starting in February. First meeting will most likely be the 8th.

The t-shirts will have bup on the front, and on the back GLENFOREST PHILOSOPHY and jello with THINK! on the bottom left corner. Any ideas for FONT,  graphics  welcome: email me I will be ordering 10 t-shirts so you can also email me to make sure you're on my list.

Yours philosophically,

Head Honcho

Hello again!

Hello, yes it's me again. In a recent reflection with co-head honcho we talked over what we've done so far as well as next topics. It turns out that we covered (or will cover) all the branches of Philosophy- namely ethics (how we should live), metaphysics (essential natures), epistemology (genuine knowledge) and logic (the correct principles of reasoning)- of which the latter two we shall combine as a co-theme for the month of December (which is actually two... or three weeks due to the holidays). So here's a basic structure so far:

October: Philosophical Literature

Philosophy (inauguratory)

Plato, Cave Allegory

Aristotle, Eudaimonia

Movie: Gattaca

November: Politics and World Issues

Gattaca Discussion (personal identity, determinism)



Movie: Pi

Pi Discussion / Free Will

December: Epistemology/Logic

Locke... TBD

January: Philosophy

World Philosophy (Indian, Chinese, Persian, African, Indigenous)

Contemporary Thinkers


AND we're done! See you next year! (or in Debate Team)



Hi guys,

Wow - we really need to invite some people to see this site. (Shiraz! Give me the emails!) The forums are up - so discussions are welcome! It's a good way to keep track of what we've done so far. Next meeting's topic will probably have something to do with politics... due to popular demand.




Hey everybody,

Our site is still under construction, so, we do appologize for any inconvenience this might have caused. If you have any ideas, topics, pictures, music (basically ANYTHING you have), please let us know.



There is Something Under Every Link!

And finally! I have written and uploaded most of the stuff that needs to be written and uploaded. Kudos to Diana for making the Eudaimonia notes so pretty and informative. Isn't the video amazing? Yes I know, it's awesome. If you have anything you want to see on the site, let us know:

See you on Thursday!



Hey guys,

Welcome to the new home of the Glenforest Philosophy Club! There are not as many advertisements as there were before. Hopefully this site will be better than the last one. Suggestions or comments are always welcome! See you Thursdays in room 107.


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