Girls Girls Girls W.A Trick Riding Team

Trick Riding

                              GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS WA TRICK RIDING TEAM



Girls Girls Girls WA is a fast paced, action packed show that gives you great entertainment with that "WOW" factor built in. Girls Girls Girls WA was the first trick riding troupe to be started in Western Australia by Jacinta Maurer and continues to leave crowds breathless every year with their dare devil stunts and amazing horses. Proud to carry the Girls Girls Girls name with permission from Master Horseman Heath Harris who owns Girls Girls Girls Extreme Stunt Team NSW and the founder of Girls Girls Girls.  To Enquire about Girls Girls Girls WA or if you are thinking about booking them for your next event please contact Jacinta Maurer on 0417531376 or email You will not be disappointed!!


 Jacinta performing the Stroud Layout on Swarvy

  Jacinta Maurer and Christy Connor in the double Kiwi star performing in Horseworld arena. NSW


   Bec Circosta in a Liberty Stand on Swarvy

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