Home of the best little St. Patrick's Day Parade anywhere!

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Little town we love best in our county's northwest

Of your charms we shall ne're have our fill!

On your bridges we schemed

Ways to follow our dreams

In our sweet little Borough of Girardville!

It's the place where it takes two days to order a pizza, two weeks to get your car worked on, and all night to get a hamburger! Don't believe me? Ask the locals.  Girardville, aka Guntown, is the town we love best.

This website and blog are devoted to my hometown.  In June 2007, Girardville celebrated its' 175th Birthday with a weeklong schedule of events that included a tribute to the town's soliders, the opening of a brand new historical society, a Victorian themed wine and cheese social, and a town picnic.

Girardville historians like Evelyn Marquardt, Joe Wayne, Rob KricK, Rosalie Kuzma, and Tom Dempsey have diligently worked to restore residents with a sense of pride in their town's unique past.  Visionaries like Cathy Centiole of Girardville Pride are busy giving Girardville a glimpse of hope toward a promising future.

Girardville is home  -  to Centiole's Pizza, the Hibernian House, the Girardville Historical  Society housed in old Doc Murry's Drug Store,  Marone's Italian Restaurant, the infamous Screamer, Krickie's Garage, the Mahanoy Creek (both Krick and Creek are pronounced both Crick in Girardville - go figure), the Jack Kehoe Division of the AOH, and the Daughters of Erin Division #18 of the LAOH - among other institutions. 

It also holds bragging rights to what has fast become the biggest and best grassroots St. Patrick's Day Parade this side of Dublin.

We've got a lot to be proud about, we Girardville coal crackers.  Visit my blog, The Creek, and check out the photos in Girardville Memories.  Want to add a photo or a memory to this site?  Send your memory and/or a photograph attachment plus a clear caption, as well as your name so you can be acknowledged.

Hang around.  Spend a little time and you'll find out why there's no place like home in Girardville.

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  Girardville LAOH, Daughters of Erin, Division #18