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Voyagers! premiered 35yrs. ago, October 3rd, 1982 on NBC!


One of the coolest shows of the early 1980's, Voyagers! made Time travel fun! It was filled with charm, action, adventure, and plenty of romance. The appealing cast included Jon-Erik Hexum and Meeno Peluce as Voyagers Phineas Bogg and Jeffrey Jones. Aside from its junior target audience, adults loved and still appreciate the concept, wit, and story-lines.

I know you'll enjoy browsing this website. It's a digital archive loaded with stunning images, insightful posts, and many albums that include interviews, photo scans and artwork.


Many thanks to all those who contribute and help to keep this series alive. Voyagers Guidebook has been online for 11 years and counting. Please voyage back frequently! There's always something waiting to be discovered.

What's New and Exciting for 2017?

If you see all the pages are down or links are broken, it's because I am in the process of transferring to a new webhost. The brand new website will be up and running in a few days.

In the next few months, there's going to be a change with the Guidebook website. It's time to streamline, clear out the cobwebs, and start fresh. I'll keep fans updated the closer I am to my goal.

My Voyagers Guidebook blog was given a complete face-lift. It's been heating up with a lot of interesting posts! Check it out, subscribe to alerts, and drop me a comment.

The Fan-Video page app has been temporarily taken down. I plan to start over and create a new page that features some of the best Voyagers videos out there and links to more of the designer's works. Keep on the look-out for it!


I made a new video with help from fan Margie Ochher! Watch it on Youtube: Voyagers!: Friends across Time!

Voyagers! animated sketch of the DVD box art created by Justin M. Salvato from Vintage Computers and Retro Video games.  

Just in time for the 35th Anniversary, Brazil has officially released Voyagers! in Brazilian Portuguese! Read more about the beautiful release and watch an unboxing video on my blog – Os Viajantes Do Tempo! 

Director/Writer/Producer James D. Parriott proudly stated in a Star Log interview that Voyagers! was "his baby." I hope he has seen this website and knows there are still tons of fans out there (young and older alike) who fondly remember this series and continue to love and support it. They show it to their children and they love it too.

I would like to sincerely thank Mr. Parriott for sharing his awesome vision of Voyagers! And the rest of the crew and cast for bringing it to life. It has allowed us the brief, but fantastic opportunity to "travel through the ages", and introduced us all to the marvelous Jon-Erik Hexum.

Click my banner to watch many fan-videos and clips, my channel also includes my favorite movie/TV show interests and playlists. Start your journey here, and you'll find other channels with some beautiful Voyagers and Jon-Erik Hexum videos!

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ALL donations go toward the yearly cost of hosting the website, and whatever unique and wonderful images and memorabilia I can find out there for sale and auction. Through the years I've found so many! But as time passes on these treasures become harder to acquire. But the search continues!

Thank you for all your support and for visiting the website.
No, I won't pretend I'm handicapped, attempt to steal from you, and then chase you down an alleyway like the wicked bum did to poor Jeffrey! 

*Questions? Comments? Concerns? Are you finding broken links and missing images? Do you have memorabilia or images/Scans to donate? Were you part of the show's production and have some stories to tell? 

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