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Quick look at the procedure for pledging/donating the eyes

Pledging procedure:

Any person can walk into the nearest Eye Bank and PLEDGE their eyes for donation. Once you are in eye bank, ask for the Eye Pledge form available there.

  1. This form needs to be filled with the correct contact details, signed by 1/2 witness/es (can be your relative/friend) and given back to the eye bank.
  2. Once done, the eye bank people will issue a DONOR card that has contact details of the eye bank.
  3. Please place this card in a place of your home where all the family members has access to it.
  4. At the time of that person’s death, his/her relative/friend, who was a witness for the pledge form or any other family member/friend who had the knowledge that the person who passed away intended to donate the eyes, should call the nearest eye bank.

One important aspect to be noted here that it is NOT sufficient if a person pledges for donating his/her eyes after the death. Pledging is just 20% of the work done and the rest lies with the actual eye donation. His/her relatives and friends should be well informed and be well aware to call the nearest eye bank, for donating the eyes after their death.

Donating procedure:
Irrespective of whether a person has pledges his/her eyes OR not, eye donation can happen. Pledging is for creating awareness and acts as a reminder to do this job.

Once a death of a person happens in your family or in your friend's family, pick up the phone and dial to the nearest eye bank. Please note that this should be done WITHIN 6 hours of the death. Give the eye bank officials the location of the house along with a landmark so that they can come soon and collect the eyes. These eyes will be giving a new life for 2 blind people!!

Important points to be taken care after a person's death, before eye donation:

After the death of a person...

  • Call the nearest eye bank within SIX HOURS of the death of the person.
  • Switch off fans & keep AC on, if you have one.
  • Close the eye lids gently and keep a moist cloth over the eyes.
  • Raise head with a pillow.

Please act upon, keeping in mind the above points and pledge/donate the eyes and Gift Sight.

Removal of Cornea from a Donor's eye                             


Recepient's Eye after Cornea Transplantation        

(Above 2 images from Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital website @ http://www.dragarwal.com/eyedonation.html)

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