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"There is no lovelier way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to those in the dark." - Helen Keller

Imagine you are doing some work in the house and suddenly power goes off...All darkness right? Now you try to go and fetch for the candle or for the emergency light in this darkness...difficult to walk thru right? The only color you can see is BLACK right? may be your favorite but is this fine for your whole life??

No right! Then think of the people who are blind forever, in their life and only color in their life is Black and just deep Black! How would they be coping up with their day-to-day activities? Aren't they interested to see this colorful world, their parents, their friends? Aren't they interested to do things easily rather than imagining?

They can get their vision back, but, with they are dependent on someone to donate the healthy eyes so that they can be operated upon and hence get the god's gift called Sight! This informational website is designed to provide you information on how a small gesture from YOU can give sight/vision for TWO or MORE CORNEALLY BLIND friends! So, go ahead and act upon this gesture so that we can make some contribution to the society and the needy!

"Pledge and Donate Eyes :: GIFT YOUR SIGHT :: Make it Your WISH"

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