Garfield Heights Historical Society

Garfield Heights, Ohio

Our Constitution


A Non-Profit Organization







                        Herein are the articles and their sections of the Constitution as well as

                        By-Laws, which together form the framework by which this

                        organization shall function, and under God direct its efforts to the

                        benefit of our Community.  Through the knowledge of history, we

                        enrich our lives, more accurately compare the Past, Present and

                        Future to better understand our area’s progress.  To this we

                        dedicate our efforts.




SECTION A – Purpose


                        This non-profit organization shall exist only for the purpose of

                        instilling or increasing the Historical knowledge of the areas within

                        or adjacent to the political entity now known as the City of

                        Garfield Heights.



                        The name of this organization shall be:


                                    “The Garfield Heights Historical Society”


SECTION C – Fiscal Year

                        The fiscal year of the Garfield Heights Historical Society shall be

                        January 1 to December 31.





SECTION A – Membership Classification

                        1.  Any person in accord with the objects of this organization shall be

                             eligible for membership upon payment of the annual dues.


                        2.  The membership of the Society shall be classified as follows:

                                                A.  Annual

                                                B.  Honorary-Life

                                                      1.  Qualifications will be determined by By Law

                                                            Committee and voted by the membership at

                                                            a future date.

                                                C.  Patron




SECTION B – Voting


Each member shall be entitled to one (1) vote at any meeting excluding Honorary-Life or Patron members.



                                                            ARTICLE III



SECTION A – Officers


The officers of this Society shall be:  President, Vice President, Treasurer,  Secretary, and Historian.


SECTION B – Executive Board


There shall be an Executive Board composed of the Officers listed in Section A.



SECTION C – Duties of Officers


1.  The President shall conduct all meetings.  The President shall make all

    committee appointments.  The President shall serve ex-officio on all

    committees but not necessarily meet with them.  The President shall

    appoint any member to act as an officer if that officer fails to attend

    meetings. The President cannot vote except to break a tie vote.  The

    President has the authority to sign checks.


2.  The Vice President shall act as President in the absence of the President

     and at other times to generally maintain order.


3.  The Treasurer shall handle all money matters and deposit the

     funds of the Society in a banking institution suitable and agreeable to

     the membership.  The Treasurer shall, with the President, make any

    withdrawals or sign checks, providing it has first received majority

    approval of the membership.  On their replacement it shall be their duty

    or that of the President to immediately notify the institution and

     introduce to the deposit officials, the new officer or officers.


4.  The Secretary shall keep a record of all monthly meetings, business

     transactions, and all proceedings, and shall attend to the routine

     correspondence of the organization.


5.  The Historian shall collect and organize historical data and artifacts.











                        Amendments may be proposed at any regular meeting.


1.  Proposed amendments will be submitted in written format to the

     members at a general meeting.


2.  Proposed amendments must be read at two general meetings. 


3.  After the second reading, the proposed amendments must be approved

     by three fourths (3/4) majority of those members present at a general



4.  The Constitution and By Laws will be reviewed every five (5) years.






                        1.  The regular monthly meeting shall be held the second (2nd)

                             Saturday of each month from January through May and September

                             through December, with there being no monthly meetings in June, July,

     and August. 


2.  At the meeting in December the Officers for the ensuing

     term shall be elected.  All current committees and all incumbent

     officers shall present reports.


3.  Twenty-five percent (25%) of the entire membership of the Garfield

     Heights Historical Society shall constitute a quorum for voting at all



DIVISION B – Election of Officers


            1.  The Election of Officers shall be at the December meeting, by a

                 simple majority.


2.  All nominations shall be made from the floor;

                 however, the consent of the nominee must be secured.

·       A nominee for President must be an active member of the Garfield Heights Historical Society for one (1) year.


           3.   If there is but one candidate for an office, the Secretary may be

                 instructed to cast a unanimous ballot for the position.


4.  The term of office shall be for two years, beginning January 1st.




DIVISION C – Executive Board

            1.  The Executive Board shall consist of those Officers set forth in Article

     III, Section A of the Constitution.


2.  The Executive Board is empowered to call special meetings.


3.  The Executive Board is vested with the authority to approve

     expenditures not exceeding $100. 


4.  The Executive Board shall have the authority to transact all urgent

     business between regular monthly meetings.


5.  The Executive Board cannot change the decisions of the majority of the

      members voting.





                        1.  The Board of Trustees is composed of five (5) people appointed by the

                             Executive Board. 


2.  Their term is for two (2) years from January 1 to December 31.

                             These terms will be staggered with 1-2 members appointed each year. 


3.  The Board of Trustees meets bi-annually (April and November) or

      more often if needed. 


4.  The Board of Trustees oversees the operation of the Garfield Heights

     Historical Society and sets short-term and long-term goals for the



5.  A member of the Board of Trustees must be a resident of Garfield

     Heights or be the owner of a business in the city.


6.  Members of the Board of Trustees can be reappointed to the Board--

     there being no term limits.




AUDIT COMMITTEE:   The Audit Committee shall be appointed by the

 President.  This committee will be composed of active members.  The

 audit shall be conducted annually prior to the December meeting.  The

 report of the Audit Committee shall be presented to the membership at the

 January regular meeting.








  BYLAW COMMITTEE:  The Bylaw Committee shall be

                         composed of  five (5) to seven (7) members who are active members

                         within the Garfield  Heights Historical Society.  The committee shall be

                         formed in March and  prepare the changes which shall be  read at the

                         April and May  meetings.   The membership shall vote on the changes at

                         the May meeting.




            Chairmen shall be appointed by the President from the membership for

            one-year terms after the election of new officers at the December meeting.


            1.  SUNSHINE CHAIRMAN:  The Sunshine Chairman performs courtesy

                 services to members such as sending cards.  The Sunshine Chairman

                 shall be in charge of the Sunshine Fund.


            2.  MEMBERSHIP CHAIRMAN:  The Membership Chairman shall

                 welcome and encourage prospective members, collect annual dues,

                 and distribute membership cards.


            3.  CURATOR:  The Curator acquires items for the Historical Museum,

                 examines items to determine condition and authenticity, arranges

                 conservation and restoration work, identifies and classifies specimens,

                 keeps and maintains records about all items in the collection, plans and

                oversees exhibition of collections, researches topics or items relevant to

                collections, lectures and writes about the collections, and answers

                public inquiries.


            4.  RESTORATION CHAIRMAN:   The Restoration Chairman shall be

                responsible for:

a.  Restoration duties such as maintaining and restoring Museum

     artifacts and exhibits;

b.  Custodial duties such as assisting with routine upkeep and

     maintenance of the Museum building, replenishing supplies,

     and performing other tasks as they arise.


            5.  TELEPHONE CHAIRMAN(MEN):   The Telephone Chairman(men)

                shall make phone calls to members with meeting reminders and convey

                any other important messages.


            6.  PUBLICITY CHAIRMAN:   The Publicity Chairman shall handle all

                 Historical Society publicity.  The Publicity Chairman shall take

                 photographs at fundraising and special events and prepare an album of

                 the year’s events.






            7.  PROGRAM CHAIRMAN:  The Program Chairman shall plan trips

                 and tours for the Historical Society members and guests.


                        8  EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM CHAIRMAN(MEN):  The Educational

                Program Chairman(men) shall plan, organize, and implement

                programs utilizing the Garfield Heights Historical Museum as an

                educational tool for children and adults from the community.


            9.  NEWSLETTER CHAIRMAN:  The Newsletter Chairman shall

                 compile, print, and mail a Newsletter quarterly.


           10.  GARDEN CHAIRPERSON:  The Garden Chairperson shall maintain

                  the gardens and the Memorial Walkway. 


           11.  HOSPITALITY CHAIRPERSON:   The Hospitality Chairperson shall

                  coordinate refreshments at meetings and special events.




            The dues for the various membership classifications, shall be annually as



                        1.  Annual Membership                      

                                    a.  Individual                           $10.00

                                    b.  Couple                                $10.00

                        2.  Life Membership                                 0

                        3.  Honorary Membership                        0

                        4.  Patron Membership                        $100+






            1.  The Treasurer shall keep an accurate and complete record of all credits

     and debits.


            2.  The record shall be audited annually by an Audit Committee appointed

in November for that purpose by the President.  The Auditing Committee shall report their findings at the January meeting.


DIVISION I – Parliamentary Authority


            1.  Roberts Rules of Order shall be used unless they are in direct

     contradiction to these Constitution and By-Laws.











1.  Upon death of a member of the Garfield Heights Historical Society, a memorial gift of

     $25 will be sent.   Passed by a unanimous vote on December 9, 2006.


2.  In the event that the Garfield Heights Historical Society must dissolve, the Treasurer

     shall pay all bills incurred by the organization and the remaining money shall be

     donated to a non-profit organization(s)  (50lc3) voted by the membership.


3.  The Garfield Heights Historical Society shall remain neutral in political activities and

     the organization shall not participate in endorsing candidates, campaigning for

     candidates by displaying political signs or distributing political literature, or be

     involved with fundraising partnerships with candidates or elected officials.    






The Constitution and Bylaws of the Garfield Heights Historical Society have been approved as amended by the membership on May 14, 2011.  

The next review will be in 2016.


By-Law Committee:                Eileen Longo               Wayne Williams                                                                                  Pat Gallagher              Gene Niess

                                                Steve Sanducci            Diane Crosby

                                                Mary Lou Kieta